Cripto InterCambio, Latin American anonymous cryptocurrency exchange, offers 0% exchange fee for DASH and other altcoins as a part of the Crypto Diversity Program.

CDP (Crypto Diversity Program) is a special campaign aimed at supporting the diversity in cryptocurrency adoption in Latin America. As part of the program, Cripto InterCambio will provide users favorable exchange conditions, such as the 0% exchange fee on selected currency, exclusive interviews with team members and coin ambassadors, as well as educational articles about each coin on the blog and interactive content on social networks.

The first coin that is presented in the program is Dash. In its six years of existence, Dash has managed to build up a strong community of supporters. Right now, this cryptocurrency is ranked tenth by market capitalization, with an approximate value of 1.150 million USD. 2020 began very successfully for Dash, as in January its price increased by more than 2 times. According to analytical forecasts, this year the cryptocurrency can heavily boost its price and strengthen its position in the market.

“With the basic concept of the blockchain - decentralization - no currency should have a monopoly on the market. Cripto InterCambio team is confident that the development of undervalued but promising coins will help to maintain and enhance the key advantages of the crypto industry. A perfect platform for its realization is the Latin American market.”

– Thiago, PR director of Cripto InterCambio

Nowadays, in Latin America, a fragile economic situation may serve as a reason to strengthen the position of cryptocurrencies in the region’s countries. According to Cripto InterCambio market research carried out over the past six months, the number of Latin American users has increased by more than 50%. Currently, about 8% of the total crypto users are residents of Latin America.

Cripto InterCambio is a Chilean fast and anonymous cryptocurrency exchange created by a team of experts and experienced blockchain developers, offering 100+ cryptocurrencies for seamless exchanges. The Cripto InterCambio team is confident that the Crypto Diversity Program is an excellent project that will help increase user awareness of existing promising coins and the development of the market as a whole.