Lights! Camera! Twitter Spaces? As the leading platform for all things Web3 and crypto, Twitter serves as a launchpad for ideas, trends and ultimately inclusivity. With this forward-thinking ethos in mind, Cointelegraph collaborated with some of the most influential women in the Web3 and NFT space to host a momentous Twitter Spaces event on June 2, shining a light on women in Web3, the infinite opportunities that NFTs bring and inclusivity. 

But what fun is Twitter Spaces if those who participate don’t get rewarded for their time and attention? Listeners were given the chance to receive a whitelist spot for the upcoming Cristóbal Balenciaga: To The Moon NFT drop — a true love letter to haute couture and women empowerment.

Web3 — a space for all

The heartening Elaine Hill saying goes “Inclusion elevates all.” With this congenial state of mind, Rebecca Haynes, NFT Art Director for CT Studio, hosted a free-flowing Twitter Spaces in conjunction with Maryanne Chisholm, a renowned NFT artist, Web3 advocate and ambassador; Daniela Henao, co-founder of Defy Trends; Janine Yorio, founder of EveryRealm; and Brenda Gentry, a self-made crypto mogul and CEO of Bundle Bets.

Along with diving into Web3, NFT utility and the infinite possibilities the crypto market provides, the Twitter Spaces highlighted one topic that can make or break this market — inclusivity for all. While many believe that the true nature of crypto is built upon inclusion, some jarring disparities still remain. A recent analysis by ArtTactic noted that women account for only 16% of the NFT art market.

Henao effused, “One of the things that I love about this space is its diversity. In Web3, we are rebuilding a new reality. We have to intentionally create a world in which we are all included.”

Web3, and all industries, have a long way to go, but a prestigious NFT project with women at the forefront is surely a step in the right direction.

Cristóbal Balenciaga: To The Moon

Amid the eye-opening theme of this Twitter Spaces, one topic tastefully stood out — the Cristóbal Balenciaga: To The Moon NFT project. This NFT drop is positioned not only to promote haute couture, but also to affirm empowerment for all women. Collaborators for the drop include Lorenzo Riva, Balenciaga’s artistic director in the 80s; Art Consulting, the company curating Riva’s Balenciaga collection; Artvein, a fine art NFT platform; Defy Trends, a women-led crypto investment, information and analytics platform; Cointelegraph, blockchain and crypto’s leading digital media organization that was responsible for designing and creating the art; and NFT, a leading NFT marketplace.

The visually remarkable details which encapsulate the elegance and power that women bring to Web3 are backed by a plethora of rewards, redeemables and utility. Holders of a Cristóbal Balenciaga: To The Moon NFT will have a chance to receive designer gear, gift cards to high-end brands and even the 70-year-old drawings by Cristóbal. In addition, a number of NFT holders will receive whitelist spots for upcoming Animal Concerts NFT drops and get access to special giveaways that include live and metaverse concert tickets, and more! 

We are in an era where technology, community and impact for the greater good are colliding. And women, as always, are on the front lines. For those interested in joining the evolution of inclusivity and obtaining a whitelist spot to the upcoming Cristóbal Balenciaga: To The Moon NFT drop, simply join the Animal Concerts Discord, go to the whitelist channel and complete the whitelist form.