The Metaverse is getting more real with crypto games, and today many companies like Facebook have been investing heavily on metaverse. CropBytes has been building on this future since 2018, while our players have been building their crypto farm on the metaverse for 3 years.

Today as a well-established crypto game that has survived a complete market cycle, CropBytes has been receiving support from some prominent industry leaders and backers.  To name a few, Old Fashion Research, Master Ventures, AVStar Capital and strategic partners in the blockchain space, including Sandeep Nailwal, COO of Polygon, Eric Su from ExNetwork Capital, Siddharth Menon, COO of WazirX and more.

CropBytes has also made several upgrades to its gaming platform in recent months with a website revamp and an intuitive user interface in Q3 2021. We have introduced new NFTs and new use cases for in-game assets, mini-games, thus expanding the game metaverse and now introducing GameFi as well. With the launch of the CBX token on Bybit & MEXC we now take our first steps towards decentralisation.

CBX token will be the first-ever token on the Bybit x MEXC joint launchpad. We plan to list CBX on many more tier 1 exchanges followed by this launch. 

What is the role of CBX?

CBX will be an important part of the CropBytes ecosystem, and will provide the economic incentives needed by users to contribute, and thereby grow the game economy. This will ensure balance in the economy and give opportunities for all users to grow.

Unlike traditional mining, players can mine CBX simply by playing the game and participating in quests and activities in the metaverse. The more progress they make, the more CBX they will be able to unlock and grow their crypto farms. 

CBX is integrated deeply into the various economic cycles of the game. It is currently used to buy superheroes, assets, and trade. The future of CBX is bright as more integrations and uses will be built into the CropBytes ecosystem, an interoperable currency within the CropBytes metaverse.

To know more about how you can participate in the IEO check out the Bybit and MEXC launchpad pages.

The snapshot starts on 31st Oct. For more news and latest updates, feel free to join the CropBytes’ channel on Telegram, and Discord

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