CropBytes has been part of the crypto gaming revolution since early 2018. The game has been through an entire market cycle, refining the economy and the gaming experience. This exposure gives the game an edge over others now that players can consistently grow their crypto portfolio despite fluctuations in the market.

CropBytes sets out to create a virtual world where anyone can buy, sell and own assets — a game of farming, business and strategy in a world that runs on crypto. Gamers love it and have built elaborate strategies and plans to gain maximum output from their investment. 

What gives CropBytes players an advantage over others?

Most crypto games are struggling to compete with traditional titles on consoles and smartphones. CropBytes is built on the Unity game engine, a popular platform for building games, which is supported by multiple platforms like Android, iOS and web.

Players can download the app, start farming and producing goods, and then visit the game marketplace to sell their produce to other players or make a lucrative purchase. Once you have enough produce from your assets, you can also convert these to game coins (GC), which can be used to purchase exclusive GC assets, such as Superhero nonfungible tokens and more.

CryptoBytes chief of marketing Sheryl Varghese commented:

“Today, some players own assets worth millions and have a huge collection of pro assets — they are already major industrialists in the game. Making it big in the crypto world can’t get any easier!”

CropBytes assets and future nonfungible tokens are unique and play an important role in the game economy and hold huge utility value. For example, Superheroes are rare, breedable and have special abilities that can be used to increase a player’s potential in the game. They can boost farm produce, thereby giving a player an advantage in the game in the long run. Soon, we will have a new generation of Superheroes, which will also be used in our upcoming player-versus-player battle game. Check out for the launch of these Superhero pro assets.

Want more? You can meet other co-player farms and check out the fishing mini-game. The team has recently released a single-player fishing mini-game and will soon release a multiplayer version. Get ready for some skill-based crypto earnings.

Currently, the game uses Tron (TRX) as the in-game currency and will soon use Tether (USDT), while working to support others in the near future. CropBytes is also expanding the ecosystem by working with more games and marketplaces to ensure tokens and collectibles can be traded with ease across multiple games.

What sets CropBytes apart?

Not only is CropBytes the first crypto game to launch on Android, iOS and web, but the team also has a reputation of riding the bull run with new exciting game features and steady growth for the players.

Our vision is to build an evolving game that lasts forever and grows with time. We have carefully crafted the game’s economics, assets and tokens to make them future-proof. 

We are also focused on growing the ecosystem with a variety of in-app games so players won’t be inclined to switch to a different game. Players can sell their assets after completing a title or use the assets in the next game. With that, we are also bringing in support for regional languages so gamers all over the world can join in.

In the last six months, CropBytes has gained tremendous attraction from players worldwide. The number of players has doubled, while deposits have grown 5x. The overall market capitalization of CropBytes is only going up. 

CropBytes founder Sandeep Kumar said:

“Our players have always asked for the CropBytes token, but we were keen on building a well-rounded product before we launched. After developing and refining CropBytes for nearly three years, we are glad to announce we’re finally launching our CBX token.”

CropBytes is now backed by a few top entrepreneurs in crypto and will soon be launching its token in a public sale. The blockchain industry has continued to evolve over the past decade, with more products being developed daily.

The team is gearing up to launch the much-awaited CBX token sale soon, get ready.




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