Rising fintech star Crypterium App introduces USDT-denominated crypto loans at 0% APR. Any user of the ecosystem can obtain the best-rated loans within mere seconds after applying.

Crypto loans are a viable alternative to loans obtained through traditional financial institutions. One a user signs into the Crypterium App, they can request a loan for up to 50% of their crypto collateral. Both bitcoin and Ethereum are recognized as collateral assets.

For users who have yet to deposit cryptocurrency, any deposit will give immediate access to loans. Crypterium requires no credit checks, and there is no deadline to repay the outstanding amount. Whether one lends $50 or $5,000, the 0% APR will be in place at all times. 

This makes Crypterium stand out from its competitors in the lending space. Competing providers may charge up to 8% for loans. Providing seamless access to financial services for everyone is crucial.

Through flexible repayment term plans, Crypterium is continuing its mission to compete in the financial sector. Adding more features to the Crypterium app is an ongoing process.

“Here at Crypterium, we believe that digital currency represents the future, that’s why we are consistently working on making the Crypterium App more convenient for our users. We launched the Crypto Loans service for people that have investments in BTC or ETH to take out loans faster than ever. Also, as an easy way to attract users and familiarize themselves with our service without taking a big risk, we are offering the unbeatable ZERO percent interest rate,” said Steve Parker, Former General Manager of Visa, Chief Executive Officer at Crypterium.

Once a loan has been secured, there are many options to explore. A broad range of investments is available. Given the current market landscape, leveraging Bitcoin and Ethereum for taking out loans and reinvesting it to secure additional profit can be worthwhile. 

Moreover, this is a great way for new users to acquaint themselves with the service provided by Crypterium. Being able to do so without taking any big risks provides an extra layer of convenience.

In its current form, crypto loans by Crypterium work in the same way as a regular bank loan. This option is safe, secure, but with the added flexibility of cryptocurrencies. All loans will be secured with $100 million in custodial assets to provide all users with a peace of mind. The big difference is the 0% PART, compared to higher traditional rates. 

For the time being, this functionality can only be accessed through the web wallet. It is expected that this functionality will be integrated into the Cryperium app over the next few weeks.

Issuing these crypto loans at 0% APR is the next step in the evolution of Crypterium. Two weeks ago, the company announced its partnership with Apple Pay.

As a result of this partnership, users can request a virtual or plastic Crypterium card and add it to Apple Pay to complete transactions. Opting for this virtual card requires no KYC verification if the user requested a plastic card on beforehand.  For new applications, a two-minute KYC procedure must be completed. 

Obtaining a virtual Visa card is free for all Crypterium users. Cards can be loaded with any amount, up to €5000 daily.  

Adding the plastic or virtual Crypterium card to Apple Pay gives users access to all of that ecosystem's benefits. It provides convenient access to online shopping, payments, and subscriptions. There will never be a need to enter Visa card details manually when using this Apple Pay integration. 

About Crypterium

Crypterium is the world’s leading crypto bank. It was awarded by KPMG, H2 Ventures, and top 50 Digital Only Banks Ranking 2017 compiled by Financial IT, and Top-5 most promising coins of 2018 by CCN. Our solutions provide customers and businesses with global, affordable, and flexible financial services that make cryptocurrencies as easy to spend as cash. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Crypterium.

More information: https://crypterium.com