Blockchain game development studio 0xGames keeps gaining more traction after entering the Medium blog platform as well as revealing plans in a long-anticipated Q&A.

0xGames, known for its space-themed strategy 0xUniverse and arena battler 0xWarriors, has been active on several social media in the past. The developers have decided to expand its audience with its first article about DApp metrics published on Medium. The new blog is designed to help the creators of several successful crypto games to get a bigger player base for its projects.

The team’s debut Medium article emphasizes the need for a better approach for establishing positions of various DApps displayed in the rankings. A possible solution, according to 0xGames, would be not to just use DAU in assessing a DApp’s performance, but to multiply DAU by the transactions count. That new metric could be called DAU by Activity, the game developers believe. To learn more, everyone is invited to read the blog and give a couple of claps to the authors.

Apart from that, the team staged its first 1-hour AMA session on April 15. The studio’s CEO Sergey Kopov shared his views on what players can expect for 0xUniverse in the near future. Burning questions have been asked and answered, including the one about whether the blockchain galaxy is going to have its contract logic published. The Q&A took place on the game’s main Discord channel, with the team ending the event with a promise to hold such sessions on a regular basis.

0xGames is based in Cyprus and is led by IT entrepreneur Sergey Kopov. The studio became first known for its blockchain space strategy 0xUniverse that was successfully presold and officially released in summer 2018.

The team invites all blockchain DApp enthusiasts to join their friendly gaming community in 0xUniverse or 0xWarriors.