This week a new Chilean cryptocurrency exchange service Crypto InterCambio was presented to the global crypto community. As the political picture in Latin America is undergoing a transformation, the region becomes a moving force for cryptocurrency mass adoption next big break.

Due to a growing number of crypto exchanges hacks, a tremendous increase in the demand for instant exchange services has been notable throughout the past several months. Crypto enthusiasts are looking for a convenient yet safe way of exchanging crypto assets. Instant cryptocurrency exchange services like Crypto InterCambio meet their needs, namely: zero fees, less than 30 minutes needed for an exchange, a user-friendly interface is simple and clear, exchange volumes are limitless, and no ID verification is required.

Crypto assets swap automatically through a crypto exchange that offers the best rate for the moment of exchange, and then the service sends the funds to the provided address of a user’s crypto wallet. Besides the mentioned functions Crypto InterCambio offers access to over 100 crypto assets and Spanish and Portuguese-speaking customer support.

Crypto InterCambio is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange service, where ‘non-custodial’ stands for non-keeping users’ funds in the service. Instead, when using Crypto InterCambio a user is always in charge of his/her crypto savings. On top of that, Crypto InterCambio is constantly focused on helping to develop Latin-based crypto start-ups that wish to scale its functionality. The service offers free white-labeled API to empower any blockchain-based project with crypto swaps between 100+ assets directly inside the project’s interface.

Crypto InterCambio instant exchange service main page

 – Crypto InterCambio instant exchange service main page

Despite the fact that crypto mass adoption is still lagging globally, the case for it in Latin America is clear. The US dollar is rising, the trading wars cause distrust for traditional financial system among the regional population. While the legal framework remains fragile in Latin America, crypto-enthusiasts and businesses are joining forces to create an innovative financial system that will meet people needs in the first place.

Contacts: Cristina González Ruíz