CoinPayments proudly partners with Rainforest Partnership to offer our most generous hodlers the ability to donate cryptocurrency to a very noble cause.

Join us on June 22 for World Rainforest Day!


CoinPayments has pledged $15,000 USD to the Rainforest Partnership to help develop economic opportunities that are cost-effective, self-sustaining and respectful of local culture and interests, for many Amazonian communities and their forests.

CoinPayments also pledges to match any cryptocurrency donation made on, or before June 22, in honor of World Rainforest Day.

How to get involved:

  • Click on the Rainforest Partnership donation page
  • Select the coin and amount you wish to donate                                                                        
  • Send to either the wallet address provided, or for existing CoinPayments users, submit to the fondation’s PayByName - $rainforestpartnership
  • Feel good about supporting a great cause

Why is it essential for Rainforest Partnership to branch out, allowing people to donate with Cryptocurrencies?

“We embrace innovation to achieve greater and more efficient impact for tropical rainforests and the communities that rely on them. This applies to our community-based conservation projects in the Amazon and our internal operations. By accepting cryptocurrencies, we have access to a new way of direct funding, which helps us to maximize our efforts.”

- Niyanta Spelman, Executive Director

CoinPayments continues to support the Rainforest Partnership by waving the standard 0.5% processing fee, so you can rest assured that every donation made will go entirely to where it matters most: to those on the ground making a difference.

Please click the following link to make your donation today.

Help us preserve the rainforest for future generations.


The CoinPayments Team

About the Rainforest Partnership

Rainforest Partnership is an international non-profit found in 2007 in Austin, Texas dedicated to protecting and regenerating tropical rainforests through community-based projects in the Amazon basin.

Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest continues at a dangerous level. A driving factor is the lack of economic alternatives for rainforest communities to preserve their forest. To solve this, Rainforest Partnership works directly with communities in the Amazon to develop projects that generate an income which gives people a choice to preserve their forest.