Crypto wallet provider and Flow ecosystem partner Blocto launched the first decentralized exchange on the Flow blockchain, BloctoSwap, on March 17, 2021. BloctoSwap will first support the FLOW/tUSDT pair (ERC-20 Tether transferred from Ethereum to Flow).

Flow, originally created by Dapper Labs, has already seen major adoption with its 2020 title NBA Top Shot currently in open beta. In less than six months, NBA Top Shot has reached over $300 million in volume and over 250,000 active users. NFT marketplace VIV3, massive online multiplayer game Chainmosters, as well as projects from global IP brands such as UFC, Dr. Seuss and Animoca will hit Flow’s mainnet in 2021. Its native FLOW token has raised $18 million in funding from both a community sale and auction on CoinList.

Blocto — in addition to being a FLOW token staking partner along with CoinList, Kraken and Ledger — is the first mobile crypto wallet that supports the Flow blockchain. Blocto plans to launch its desktop extension wallet and SDK for developers in 2021.

The Ethereum smart contracts responsible for transferring Tether (USDT) between Ethereum and Flow were audited by Quantstamp. Quantstamp has secured over $45 billion worth of digital assets through its audits of various decentralized finance apps, NFT-powered assets and layer-one protocols, such as Ethereum 2.0.

“We believe blockchain mainstream adoption relies on two factors, great DApps that excite the public and an easy-to-use gateway, a wallet that is easy to pick up for people who have never interacted with blockchains. Blocto is this gateway. Flow/Dapper Labs is the partner we’ve always been looking for.”

— Hsuan Lee, CEO of Portto

BloctoSwap launched on March 17, 2021. For more information on the collaboration between Flow and Portto, please visit Portto and Flow: a portal to the open world.