Taipei, Taiwan, March 16, 2022 — Portto — the company behind Blocto, the nonfungible token (NFT) and crypto wallet — has announced its partnership with Yahoo Taiwan to launch the Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store in late March. The new NFT store debuts with the A-Hoo collection — the official mascot of Yahoo Taiwan.

According to recent data, global NFT trading volume surpassed $10.67 billion during the third quarter of 2021 with a 38.06% increase. Yahoo Taiwan integrating its overall traffic with Blocto’s blockchain technologies creates an intuitive, easy and empowering NFT experience to meet users’ growing needs.

NFT creators in the Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store are officially curated and approved by Yahoo Taiwan, creating a trustworthy trading platform of quality guarantee with three focuses: 

  • A fiat payment gateway: Users can directly purchase with fiat money. A credit card payment method will be available first, with more fiat payment methods later. 
  • Affordable prices: Reasonable pricing provides users access to premium NFT products 
  • User-empowering NFTs: Holders of Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store-select NFTs are qualified for exclusive rewards in Yahoo Taiwan’s points program and purchasing priorities in limited offers and select NFT sales.

With corporations now entering the blockchain space, the need for intuitive integration and deeper collaboration is here. Portto, founded in 2019, is spearheading efforts to bridge the blockchain experience between companies and users and has received funding from investors such as Mark Cuban, Animoca Brands and 500 Global.

“Blocto has a lot of experience in the deep blockchain cooperation with large enterprises, from Vault by CNN and MotoGP Ignition to Yahoo Taiwan,” said Hsuan Lee, CEO of portto, “With our expertise in blockchain technology, Blocto is creating this platform with Yahoo Taiwan so anyone can own and collect NFTs such as A-Hoo as easy as shopping on any e-commerce platform.”

Chen-Te Lin, vice president of Taiwan E-commerce and Regional Products at Yahoo, said, “Yahoo Taiwan is fully committed to optimizing user experience through technological innovations — from our continuous development in immersive content to leveraging the broad Yahoo Taiwan ecosystem’s cross-platform resources. By collaborating with crypto wallet Blocto and leveraging Yahoo Taiwan’s advantages in media and e-commerce to launch the Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store, Yahoo Taiwan is making NFTs accessible to all and creating a channel where local creators can expand their venture into NFTs.”

The NFT Store is debuting with its first NFT collection featuring the official mascot A-Hoo, whose image widely appears on Yahoo Taiwan’s stickers, branded products and delivery crates. The A-Hoo collection can be traded on Blocto’s NFT marketplace, BloctoBay. 

Yahoo Taiwan plans to establish partnerships with local brands and nonprofit organizations in co-releasing NFT collections to fulfill local demand and create a new profit model for creators. Yahoo Taiwan expects to encourage crypto-curious creators to co-build an NFT store of diversity by using its high website traffic to assist business partners in approaching more non-crypto users. 

About portto and Blocto 

Portto, founded in 2019, is spearheading efforts to bridge the blockchain experience between companies and users with Blocto — an all-in-one, cross-chain smart contract wallet Blocto strive to be a seamless unified experience in one all-encompassing platform with a developer-friendly SDK, a built-in decentralized exchange called BloctoSwap and its noncustodial NFT marketplace BloctoBay. 

Blocto provides a seamless user experience where users can easily access decentralized apps, crypto and NFT assets. Notable investors include Mark Cuban, Animoca Brands and 500 Global. For more about Blocto, visit

About Yahoo

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