TTM Bank digital cards are a convenient tool for daily purchases in both online and offline stores. Pay for purchases with cryptocurrency all over the world or withdraw funds from ATMs!

TTM Bank card features

  • An elegant plastic card for those who prefer classics and a virtual one for those who are used to storing everything in their smartphone.
  • Replenish your card with BTC, ETH, USDT or TRX, which is instantly converted to EUR.
  • Transfer funds between TTM Bank cards in one click and without delay.
  • The user-friendly interface of your personal account and the prompt work of technical support make using the card easier and more convenient.
  • All cards have the PayPass function, that is, they are contactless, and iPhone owners can add the card to their Apple Pay account.
  • The card in a stylish black design will perfectly fit to your look - from the most strict and businesslike to simple casual.

How do digital cards work?

The card balance is replenished with BTC, ETH, TRX and USDT. When credited, funds are instantly converted to euros at the internally generated rate. Thus, the amount on your card will remain unchanged regardless of the rise or decline in cryptocurrency quotes.

Thanks to the new concise card design — we do not specify card numbers on the front side — and the use of the European data protection regulation (GDPR), our users’ personal data is reliably protected from being hacked or compromised.

See the instructions and fee schedule, replenish your card with cryptocurrency and pay for purchases all over the world! We did it reliably and efficiently, and now we are opening up new opportunities to the whole world.

Apply for a card on the TTM Bank website and in just 2 weeks we will deliver the card to any part of the world for free! Don't like to wait? Get a virtual card and use it immediately, without waiting for the plastic card to be delivered.

Order your card now and get an airdrop of 10 USDT!