The crypto community is digitally connected but physically separated. Many people in the space want to go beyond discord and Twitter, and meet other crypto enthusiasts in real life, but there aren’t any options. Events are not enough. So the questions remains; as crypto degens, where should we go? Here is the answer:

Enter Cryptoland, a large scale project with the mission to build out the world’s first physical island for the crypto community to gather on, year-round. On Thursday, Nov. 4, Cryptoland will start its giveaway of 10,000 unique nonfungible tokens (NFTs), 60 of which will be “King Cryptolanders,” which are ultra-rare and tied to real parcels of land, offering true ownership in the Blockchain Hills, the most exclusive part of Cryptoland. Anyone can participate in the giveaway which will be ongoing for one week on Cryptoland’s Twitter.


“This community has been dreaming of a crypto-centric place to hang out with like-minded individuals and we know there are tons of crypto passionate people like us that would already be in Cryptoland if they could. We already have a horde of online epicenters for crypto-based innovation. Now it’s time to have one offline. Imagine the possibilities and the potential of such a space. Let’s make it happen, all of us, together” said the team.

If the idea of being a forerunner in the creation of the world’s first crypto community appeals to you, join the club.