Cryptonovae is about to open the doors to a revolutionary all-in-one trading platform to the general public. After months of extensive planning, hard work and forging partnerships, the firm recently completed the private sale of 28.5 million YAE tokens. 

The vastly oversubscribed sale blew past expectations, leaving many investors on the sidelines. But now, cryptocurrency enthusiasts will have the opportunity to participate in the hotly anticipated YAE initial DEX offering. 

In a strategic partnership with DuckDao, market participants will be able to get involved in the sale of 1,500,000 YAE through DuckStarter on April 9. 

Getting to this stage where there is such a high demand for the YAE token was not easy. Cryptonovae had first to understand the traditional markets and what is needed for CeFi traders to join the nascent cryptocurrency industry. Following an extensive learning period, the blockchain startup has come up with an intuitive and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange that appeals to both beginners and professional traders.

Mathieu Sicsic, CEO and co-founder of Cryptonovae, believes that three key factors prevent traditional investors from joining the blockchain revolution. These factors are insufficient liquidity, the complexity around handling cryptocurrencies and poor market infrastructure.

The limited access to credit lines for those who want to contribute to the blockchain ecosystem has affected the market’s growth. Therefore, Sicsic decided to invest all of his resources to open the gates for a new wave of institutional and retail capital to flood the space. 

By introducing an enterprise-grade trading platform, the French entrepreneur believes that the cryptocurrency industry will make significant strides toward mainstream adoption. 

“When you look at the trading products and services offered in the cryptocurrency industry, it seems to be chaotic enough to discourage traditional investors from entering the space. For this reason, I wanted to make the experience intuitive. Anyone who wants to participate in the blockchain revolution can now do this through an enterprise-grade and user-friendly platform that can be compared to state-of-the-art traditional trading softwares,” said Sicsic. 

Cryptonovae’s unique technology innovation and market positioning meet any trader’s needs, from the very beginner to the most seasoned veteran. The firm has created an integrated marketplace for automated trading systems and indicators through advanced charting and trade management. 

Essentially, Cryptonovae brings into the cryptocurrency industry enterprise standards that most traders in the world are used to. Some of the platform’s highly anticipated features include custom indicators, multi-timeframes, multi-screens, software client solutions, one-click stop losses and automated trading support, to name a few. 

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About Cryptonovae

Cryptonovae is a secure all-in-one trading ecosystem that helps users manage digital assets across multiple exchanges, regardless of whether they are decentralized or centralized markets. It offers a sophisticated trading experience through advanced features packed in an intuitive interface, making it useful for traders of all skill levels.

Within the ecosystem, users can tap into the collective trading knowledge and access automated trading systems, signals and trading tools through third-party providers and fully integrated with Cryptonovae. The YAE token is a central piece of the ecosystem, providing users with transaction fee waivers and rewards.