CrypZ bots created by investors carry out trading operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Nextech, a pioneering crypto tech company in Brazil, is reinventing the digital economy. Founded in Rio de Janeiro, the company specializes in innovative blockchain solutions designed to modernize the financial sector and beyond. Launched on Aug. 1, the CrypZ platform uses artificial intelligence to trade cryptocurrencies in an automated way using trend and volatility to its advantage.

CrypZ is connected to nine major global exchanges: Binance, Mercado Bitcoin, ByBit, OKX, Coinbase, Huobi, NovaDax, and Kucoin. The platform gives investors the autonomy to create, in just three steps, customized bots according to their profile, observing their preferences, objectives and risk tolerance. It is also possible to use models that have been made by the platform to further increase the range of options for investors as well as those by market experts leveraging their market analysis.

“The benefit of CrypZ for the investor is that he has at his disposal a platform that will work for him, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that good business opportunities are not lost. The bots will work for the equity according to what the client understands as being ideal for him,” explained Gustavo Silva, founder and chief technical officer of Nextech.

For this, the platform has more than 600 currencies preselected with factors that remove dubious projects and with low liquidity, protecting users from assets that can bring risks to operations. The investor can create business rules, making trades with fixed currencies or dynamic presets, being able to pre-select through the analysis of trends, volatility, security and other indicators that will help the investor decide the best strategy for his portfolio automatically. In addition, there is the possibility of making the adjustment for stop loss, a sale order programmed that is triggered automatically if the asset value reaches the percentage of loss determined by the trader; and stop gain, an order to sell an asset when the value reaches the expected level. These are provided among other functions to perform comprehensive risk management of bots protecting the user’s equity.

The system shows the balance of assets in real time, regardless of which broker they are in. The platform only executes the crypto trade operation without doing the custody of the clients’ assets. “For the operation, the investor can create as many bots as he wants in as many brokers as he wants. This gives autonomy and helps mitigate risks, since the trade is concentrated in one place, but the equity is divided into different brokers,” added Silva.

For the launch of CrypZ, the investor has quarterly, semi-annual and annual subscription packages available according to the number of bots and total trading value. It is also possible to contract through performance fee, for larger transaction volumes, focusing on institutional investors, brokers, assets and fund managers.

“We are looking for new partners, such as exchanges that also want to connect their platforms to ours, as well as brokers, managers, banks and assets. What we want is to offer a complete solution for investors and contribute even more to the process of democratizing access to crypto assets and the digital economy,” Silva revealed.

To learn more about the Cryptz platform, head to the website.

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