The global technology transformation has increased the demand for blockchain technology. There has been a boom of innumerable cross-chain and consortium blockchain projects in the industry. Some of them have been developing, and some have failed.

On June 1, Cointelegraph China hosted its third HUB LIVE event to discuss the topic: “Ethereum 3.0: A Silicon Valley Star Project — CasperLabs.” Cointelegraph China HUB is an online interview show initiated by Cointelegraph China. Speaking with the leaders of the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, we discuss the development opportunities and challenges of the industry segments today and how businesses can break through the current situation to eventually lead in the future. HUB LIVE is the video column of HUB. The third HUB LIVE event was hosted by Tracy Zhang, the commercial director of Cointelegraph China, and the show invited Mrinal Manohar and Cliff Sarkin as guests and had Steve Yue and Waylon Wu as the technology reviewers.

The first part was a Q&A with the CEO and COO of CasperLabs to get a quick and clear look at CasperLabs’ powerful technology content and the overall project outlook. In the second part — the round table — two technical experts, Yue and Wu, had an in-depth discussion with Manohar and Sarkin to analyze and discuss the development of blockchain technology and CasperLabs from a professional perspective.

About the guests

Mrinal Manohar is the CEO and co-founder of CasperLabs. He received his master degree in Carnegie Mellon and has worked at Microsoft, Oracle, Bain & Company and Bain Capital. He also contributed to the open-source program of BitTorrent in 2002 and has been investing in cryptocurrency since 2012.

Cliff Sarkin is the COO of CasperLabs and received a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley and a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School. Before joining CasperLabs in January 2019, he was the vice president of business development at DNA, a leading blockchain venture fund in its early stages.

Steve Yue is a partner and the director of business development at DoraHacks. He graduated from the Tsinghua School of Economics and Finance.

Waylon Wu is a former Bay area engineer and an early adopter of blockchain technology.


1. Cliff Sarkin: Every decision at CasperLabs is made to broaden participation, ownership and ease of use.

2. Mrinal Manohar: Ethereum 3.0 is the full transition to proof-of-stake using CBC-Casper. We are releasing a blockchain with our provably live implementation of CBC-Casper this year.

3. Cliff Sarkin: CasperLabs will be publishing research on novel DDoS style attacks soon and how we can prevent them. This should benefit the industry overall.

4. Mrinal Manohar: App developers will have unprecedented control over their contracts. Our blockchain architecture does not mandate any transmission of private data to the blockchain.

5. Mrinal Manohar: CasperLabs is in the process of establishing a developer DAO with a very significant allocation of resources that will be solely managed by external developers to help drive the ecosystem and long term sustainability of the platform. 

6. Mrinal Manohar: Having a lot of public blockchains is not a bug; it is a feature of innovation.

7. Mrinal Manohar: CasperLabs will continue to engage deeply with communities even as the coronavirus restrictions open up. We aim for a lot of in-person events, hackathons and much more — which should see these trends gain more popularity. The launch is approaching, and we have begun preliminary conversations with leading universities. 

8. Mrinal Manohar: CasperLabs never wants to sacrifice security and decentralization, and as a result, we use fundamental mathematical models to achieve this.

About CasperLabs

CasperLabs is athe blockchain platform purpose-built to scale opportunity for everyone. Building toward blockchain’s next frontier, CasperLabs is designed for real-world applications without sacrificing usability, cost, decentralization, or security. CasperLabs removes the barriers that prevent mainstream blockchain adoption by making blockchain friendly to use, open to the world, and future-proof to support innovations today and tomorrow. Guided by open-source principles and built from the ground up to empower individuals, the team seeks to provide an equitable foundation made for long-lasting impact.


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