The digital currency market has continuously grown as a new financial market. Crypto exchanges take the leading on mass adoption. HBTC Exchange is one of those who gained attention. In the past two years, HBTC has broken through challenges with its strong technology, stepping a promising way of developments in the industry.

Guest introduction

James Ju, Founder of HBTC Exchange. He served as CTO of Huobi Global, VP of Technology in X Financial. During his tenure, X Financial (XYF) was successfully listed on the NYSE. In 2018, He founded BHEX (now rebranded as HBTC Exchange) and received $15 million in angel round financing.

Moderator: Cookie Tang from Cointelegraph China

International Review Members:

  • Sergei: Cointelegraph’s CBDO Sergei.
  • Erhan: Cointelegraph Turkish’s editor.
  • Gökhan Seçkin: KYC/AML and Payments Consultant for Turkish Exchanges and banks.

They strictly reviewed the three major products Bluehelix Cloud, HBTC Exchange and HBTC Chain, and had a deep discussion on HBTC public chain technology, new 10x PE Repurchase Model.

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  1. Blockchain is a distributed ledger system based on P2P and cryptography, combined with a consensus mechanism that is constructed by economic incentives. It was designed to address the trust between individuals and organizations by cryptography and consensus. Blockchain is not a new technology but the combination and innovation use of the existing mature technologies.
  2. Real cross-chain cannot be realized. but it is feasible to realize a decentralized cross-chain swap of assets among public chains. HBTC Chain innovated a new decentralized key generation & Signature technologies based on cryptography and MPC. It’s built on DPOS consensus and based on open-source Tendermint, implemented a completely different mechanism based on cryptography. HBTC Chain testnet is on GitHub with two killer features including cross-chain pledge asset issuance and decentralized swap.
  3. Bluehelix Cloud SaaS serves 230+ exchange clients around the world, covers more than 10 million users, and tens of thousands of trading assets.
  4. Clients on Bluehelix Cloud can store data in AWS, or deploy on their own database system in a "Hybrid Cloud" manner. HBTC as the service provider can be totally isolated from customer's user data.
  5. HBTC trading system focuses on throughput and stability, and latency is the most important design indicator. HBTC has launched a project named "CONE" three months ago, which is to build the Next-Generation Low-Latency with High-Performance trading system. "CONE" is water droplets in The Three-Body, will achieve the low latency within 1ms of the end-to-end trading, and maintain the high availability and scalability of massive capacity. The launch of "CONE" will improve the current cryptocurrency derivatives market to a great extent the fight pattern.
  6. One of the most worthwhile invested assets were platform tokens like BNB or HT. But the repurchase scheme caused plenty of controversies. HBC improved based on the semi-tokenization operation model, resolving the conflict of interests between equity and tokens, where fully leverage the advantages of tokenization.
  7. HBTC innovated a new 10x PE pricing repurchase model and will use 100% of the revenue with the daily repurchase. The price of the repurchase is determined by the 10x PE model. So that the rights and interests of token holders will be reflected in the platform token. It effectively converts the platform's revenue into the support of the token price and solves the conflict of interest between shareholders and token holders.
  8. The role of the token holder changed from the "consumer" to "consumer + producer". The main challenge of the token economic model is how to make users understand the value and rules of the token, and how to design to continue incentivizing token holders and let them trade on the platform. The other is to obtain recognition and support from community token holders.
  9. On HBTC, HBTC Captain will deeply participate in construction of the community and enjoy exclusive rights even using Bluehelix Cloud solution for free. At the same time, HBTC Captain has a complete governance system, including entry thresholds, audit standards, captain’s status, and opt-out mechanism.
  10. History will repeat itself. Every round of halving in history will bring huge fluctuations in short-term currency prices. But eventually, there will be good market opportunities after, so this round will not be an exception.
  11. If the central banks of various countries release more monetary liquidity to save the economy, it will lead to a serious depreciation of the fiat currency. As such, Bitcoin with fixed total supply will attract more investors to hold.
  12. The legal digital currency and the stable digital currency that anchors the fiat currency are currently an important bridge connecting the traditional financial world to cryptocurrency, and the foundation of a new world financial and cross-border trade settlement system which is the important strategy indicator.

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