CUDO Compute, a leading distributed cloud computing network and part of the CUDOS ecosystem, and KYOTO, the world’s first carbon-negative blockchain by design, announced their strategic partnership to facilitate a more cost-effective and sustainable blockchain platform that will help drive green investment via the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM).


KYOTO was built to scale the VCM and incubate regenerative finance (ReFi) through its innovative approach to carbon offset. The blockchain solution provides a secure and transparent ledger for the entire supply chain involved in the creation and tokenization of carbon assets. This eradicates many of the challenges inherent in the dangerously lagging carbon industry, such as double counting and greenwashing.

As a leading advocate for ReFi — an approach that focuses on sustainability, positive impact and community wellbeing — the KYOTO blockchain is the first to contribute 25% from each transactional gas fee to offset carbon emissions via reforestation. Any user, DeFi protocol or business can passively contribute toward fighting climate change, simply by using the KYOTO network.

As part of its robust decentralization and carbon-negative strategies, KYOTO selected CUDO Compute, a cloud provider known for green computing practices and sustainable cloud computing. CUDO Compute’s distributed global network of data centers and service providers optimizes underutilized computing power. The collaboration aligns with KYOTO’s commitment to becoming 100% carbon negative, reducing its carbon footprint while maintaining commercial value.

CUDO Compute will provide KYOTO with infrastructure for a ready-to-use, decentralized validator node network. This network ensures the integrity and reliability of transactions on KYOTO’s blockchain. By leveraging CUDO Compute’s on-demand approach, KYOTO can expand or contract its infrastructure based on demand, achieving remarkable cost efficiencies of over 50% compared to centralized hyperscale providers like AWS, Google or Azure.

Frank Morey, co-founder of KYOTO, said:

“Having already partnered with CUDOS, CUDO Compute’s blockchain project previously, as part of its bid to reduce its own carbon footprint, this latest project is an important step in our commercial relationship, as it will accelerate our journey toward becoming a key driving force behind the ReFi community. As we grow, partnering with like-minded organizations that share our commitment to accelerating Web3 sustainability and spearheading the fight to preserve our planet becomes ever-more critical. CUDO’s ethos directly aligns with our goals, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with it as we scale our growing network.”

Gary Negus, business development manager at CUDO Compute, added:

“CUDO Compute is proud to support KYOTO’s growth and innovation through this partnership, as we both share an unwavering commitment to driving the advancement of eco-friendly Web3 initiatives. CUDO empowers organizations by optimizing resource utilization, resulting in reduced server requirements and substantial environmental benefits through carbon-footprint reduction and waste-heat reclamation. Through the collaboration, KYOTO is forging a trailblazing blockchain network that is robustly distributed across diverse data centers spanning multiple continents, free from reliance on any single data center operator. KYOTO remains steadfast in upholding the principles of decentralization and sustainability while preserving commercial and operational value.”

The one-year partnership allows KYOTO to test and scale its blockchain network confidently, leveraging CUDO Compute’s robust infrastructure. With an impressive count of 336 live nodes that will be operating on the mainnet, CUDO Compute’s platform delivers the scalability and reliability that KYOTO requires for its rapidly expanding network.


CUDOS is a decentralized blockchain-based network that provides access to sustainable and highly scalable distributed cloud computing resources for Web3 natives and enterprises requiring GPU-optimized and general computing virtual machines to power their DApps and AI workloads.

As a proof-of-stake layer 1 built on the Cosmos ecosystem, CUDOS’ goal is to become the default computational layer for all major chains while also providing a low-cost, fast transaction network for DApps built directly on the CUDOS blockchain. The network is 100% carbon-neutral and utilizes the Tendermint and IBC protocols for governance and interoperability. Use cases encompass AI, digital twinning, the Metaverse, the tokenization of real-world assets and Web3 node infrastructure.


KYOTO is the world’s first carbon-negative blockchain by design, built to scale the Voluntary Carbon Market and regenerative finance (ReFi) by harnessing the power of Web3. The business is intertwining everyday blockchain activities with global ecological impact by empowering users to passively contribute to a greener world through DeFi or NFTs. KYOTO also offers corporations and individuals the possibility to own carbon as a commodity, supporting all 17 SDGs in the process, just 18 months after its highly anticipated blockchain launch.

As part of its commitment to protecting the environment, KYOTO harnesses the core ReFi principals and contributes 25% of network gas fees to positive impact. Those who decide to build on the blockchain are selecting a cost-effective network upon which the fees are 100 times less than the likes of Ethereum, while also supporting sustainability-focused communities.

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