Nonfungible token (NFT) gaming has become one of the fastest growing businesses in 2021. Play-to-earn (P2E) NFT games are a combination of blockchain and gaming, which are two fast growing industries. The model of play-to-earn gaming is changing the whole industry and many people are interested, as they can play a game they like and make money at the same time. The surge in popularity of NFTs helped boost the presence of P2E games, and players are shifting from traditional games to those where they can earn cryptocurrency rewards.

CyberTrade: Enter the Metropolit

CyberTrade has already hit more than 50,000 pre-registrations.

CyberTrade is an upcoming NFT P2E game with a futuristic cyber-like looking world. CyberTrade has multiple game modes (team battles and drag races at first) in which you play with different fighters, items, race cars and bosses — they all are represented as NFTs. There are special characters you can play and fight within Metropolit, or the city of sin, that has been taken over by big corporations after a technological revolution.

It’s the year 2101, and corporations have taken control over a wide range of areas such as weapons, robotics, pharmaceuticals and communications. Most of them operate above the law and, as a result, many people end up on the streets of Metropolit with no chance of getting a decent job. You can become a character in a unique, online world and a crypto immersive experience with a breathtaking storyline. CyberTrade is going to contain many benefits besides a graphically intense environment and brand new NFTs in the form of characters, vehicles and items.

CyberCash and NFTs

CyberTrade will contain an in-game token called CyberCash (CCASH) which you can earn by playing, fighting and racing. CCASH is a community token with a governance function where hodlers have an impact on the future of the development of the project. Tokens will be paid out for daily activity as well as for winning fights and being in high rankings. CyberCash will start out with a market cap of around $4.3 million and a token price of $0.08, which will offer investors a big chance to profit. The official date for the public sale of CyberCash is going to happen at the end of November or by the beginning of December.


CyberTrade will offer several NFTs using Chainlink VRF that will randomize the attributes of the NFTs. This will provide a fair gaming experience for everybody, as it’s going to use a random number generator (RNG) which prevents in-game manipulations and authentic system integrity. The CyberTrade smart contract will only accept the random number input if it has valid cryptographic proof. The integration of Chainlink VRF essentially provides players of CyberTrade with a unique and fair gaming experience.

CyberTrade has many NFTs in the form of characters, items, cars, etc. For example, every fighter will gain random attributes that determine his/her stronger and weaker qualities. All of these attributes can be ranked up by fighting and playing like in other games. However, you can own these characters and trade them on an NFT marketplace and make money doing so.


Initial game offering 

CyberTrade wants to provide an opportunity to participate in its initial game offering (IGO), as the launch of the game is around the corner. An early possession of these NFTs will get you fast access and ultra rare pieces for a normal price through mystery boxes. CyberTrade is planning to release the NFTs through an IGO on one of the biggest marketplaces in the world. However, the date and marketplace have not been specified but will be revealed soon.


Cybertrade will take you to the streets of Metropolit. This city is controlled by three Syndicates and it’s up to you to stand up against all of them. CyberTrade will have its own metaverse, which means you can own lands, buildings and manage your NFT properties. Moreover, you will be able to find NFT drops with various rarities. If you want to get your hands on those properties, you will have to fight for it. There will be a limited supply of NFTs and it will become harder to obtain them over time. 

The metaverse will be the next-generation AAA experience built from the base of CyberTrade. There are many things you can do in the metaverse such as owning streets, shops, or buildings by holding CyberCash. Don’t forget that you will need to fight with the competition. If you become a skilled fighter and beat them, you can choose to recruit them as your NFT or destroy that NFT forever. These are some of the new rules to the game and it’s up to gamers to create an impact on the game as it’s built by players.


Cybertrade metaverse is a gateway for all digital assets and creatures from all around the world. That means you can deposit your NFT which will get locked, and you will receive CyberTrade NFT in exchange to try out the gaming experience and earn CyberCash at the same time. You are giving your NFT utility by locking it inside of the CyberTrade metaverse. Join the city, explore Metropolit, build up your character, become respected and earn CyberCash. The better the social ranking you have, the more rights you earn in the city. It’s your city. 


CyberTrade has pushed the blockchain gaming experience to a whole new level and gamers will be able to build the game from the ground up. All the characters, cars and lands will shape the Metropolit, but you are the one who can really influence it. Pre-register to be among the first ones to play and find out just how amazing playing NFT games can be.



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