Singapore, September 3, 2020 – CyberVein, the next generation big data and analytics company is proud to announce two major developments:

  • The launch of Data Analytics and Valuation Exchange (DAVE) an alliance, which enables data-driven and technology companies to utilize their resources more efficiently.
  • The company was awarded the status of Technical Lead by the People’s Government of Hainan Province to develop a Smart City in Wenchang.

CyberVein’s DAVE initiative focuses on data-intensive companies by offering three core solutions:

  • Data, storage space, or computing power (GPU) marketplace, where users can purchase said resources with CyberVein’s tokens, CVT.
  • A data derivatives pool, where users can purchase derivatives of data extraction and big data concepts.
  • A decentralized token exchange, where users can swap data tokens directly with each other.

“We are thrilled to continuously provide value to our community of big data professionals.” Jack Ge, Founder and Managing Director of CyberVien stated: “The DAVE initiative is in line with our company’s vision to solve three major problems in the big data space: information siloing, data security, and data monetization.”

An IoT leader, IOTEX is one of the first companies to join DAVE, while technology giants Xiaomi and Huawei have shown their support for the initiative.

CyberVein has a proven track record in the data-intensive industries, such as smart cities, IoT, medical research, logistics, and payments. In the past three years, CyberVein’s team has successfully completed more than 20 large scale projects. Some of them include the Port District Government of Zhoukou City, Hong Kong Capital Pay CS Pay, Shanghai Taishi Tax Rebate, and the Dubai Smart City Program.

It is due to the company’s strong track record; the People’s Government of Hainan Province has awarded CyberVein the Technology Lead for the Wenchang Smart City Project. CyberVein’s proprietary big data technology will be used as the core platform, ready to integrate with other partners’ applications.

“CyberVein’s experience in deploying customized solutions and big data architecture is impressive.” Stated Xia Zonghua, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Taiwan District Blockchain Association Founder, Qianhai Huichao Investment Partner, Chairman of the Huawei Blockchain Special Committee, Founder of Qianhai Himalaya Investment Holdings, Major shareholder of CyberVein, and Former Senior Executive of Huawei (Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.). “The company has our trust and commands the respect of other consortium partners.”

Other renowned companies have joined the smart city project, such as Huawei, BYD, Mijia, and AXA among others.

It is worth mentioning that CyberVein’s CVT token has been performing extremely well this year. It’s year-to-date performance currently stands at 2750%.

About CyberVein

CyberVein's proprietary technology is a big-data solution is based on the PISR (private, interlink, secure, robust) distributed database. The company is focusing on the enterprise-level "blockchain + big-data" customized services. CyberVein is using a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) storage chain, to create safer data storage and increase efficiency. With DAG there is no need for block confirmation. Users benefit from low transaction fees since mining is not required. The system supports asynchronous verification and parallel processing of each node. The more nodes, the faster the speed, the stronger the scalability. CyberVein was founded in Singapore CV Technology Foundation in 2017.

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