Dan Holdings, is launching a global peer-to-peer marketplace for trading cryptocurrencies to support trading of up to 100 coins. Focusing on low fees, security measures such as escrow protected transactions, and straightforward trading, Local Coins aids users who only have access to inefficient traditional banking systems by bringing digital assets to more than 50 countries. Developed since 2018, Local Coins presents an advanced peer to peer trading platform that will later be integrated into Telechat the firms Messaging Application also allowing users in countries with limited access to crypto link India, China and Russia trade peer to peer.

Local Coins places a high value on cryptocurrency adoption, ensuring that trading is available for users all across the world

Dubai, September 25 — Local Coins is a global peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace that provides users with the tools to buy, sell, and trade digital assets between each other. Created by Dan Holdings, Local Coins focuses on providing a user-friendly service that protects traders with an escrow system. The platform provides fast and reliable transactions with minimal fees. Additionally, users can make fiat deposits and withdrawals, offering a seamless experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who desire to minimize the number of platforms that they use. Local Coins is also giving 30-days free of trading fees

Dan Holdings, is a leading investment firm that targets disruptive sectors such as fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. With the goal to spread adoption of such technologies all across the globe, Dan Holdings invested in a number of platforms with specific real use cases. “We believe fintech is the future, and the future of money is global”, states the chairman at Dan Holdings, Danny Oyekan. “Local Coins is a new cryptocurrency trading marketplace that offers fast and cost-effective transactions protected by an escrow system.”

The launch of Local Coins will exhibit an international marketplace that takes care of its users by ensuring an uncomplicated and secure trading environment. People from a significant number of countries will be able to exchange their local currencies to digital assets such as bitcoin and even trade these assets with other cryptocurrencies.

By posting advertisements with necessary information such as the price and payment method, users can comfortably participate in the rising cryptocurrency sector by trading several digital assets in a domain that has security as their main priority. After placing the advertisement, users can contact each other and arrange their trading procedure by meeting directly, or by carrying out the trade via online banking institutions.

Contrasting centralized exchanges that supervise and manage the funds and activities of end-users, Local Coins provides a P2P-based system where cryptocurrency trading is handled personally, and not with a 3rd-party. By doing so, the platform provides a fast trading process, ensuring that users can start trading in only a few minutes after creating their account.

Local Coins has the goal of providing cryptocurrency trading internationally, making sure that the new digital economy is present in every city of the world. The platform delivers a fast and safe trading mechanism to areas where the traditional banking industry is unavailable, complicated, or costly.

Considering the financial needs of every individual customer, Local Coins created some of the leading strategies to assist them. Users can optionally choose to promote their adverts so that they reach a larger number of customers.

Features such as ‘Priced equation” allow users to immediately update their bid and asks prices by having them automatically changed to the current market price of the cryptocurrency that they are trading. Trading fees are marked at a fixed 0.5% rate after the 30 day free trading period, while deposits and withdrawals are completely free. However, withdrawals require a minimal fee required for covering network transfer costs.

Local Coins will be available for early adopters starting from 23rd September 2019

About Dan Holdings

Dan Holdings is an investment firm focused on blockchain technology, fintech, and decentralized finance that operates for two years. With the goal to spread widespread adoption, Dan Holdings delivers products based on blockchain technology by leveraging their experience from both traditional finance and the emerging blockchain industry.

Establishing strong relationships with leading entrepreneurs and investors in the industry, the investment firm created a diverse portfolio of industry-specific projects that have real use cases. Dan Holdings envisions a future where blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are regulated, well-adopted, and have a strong role in the global economy.

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