Oct. 13, 2022 — NEARStarter, a DAO-governed incubator on Near and Aurora, will be providing its incubation services to Meteor Wallet, a simple and secure wallet on the Near Protocol.

The NEARStarter incubator is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)-governed incubation program for early-stage projects launching on Near and Aurora.

In its two years of life, the popularity of nonfungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming and other Web3 projects on the Near Protocol has grown significantly, forcing the adoption of high-quality incubators to support them. 

As an incubator, NEARStarter not only helps projects like Meteor Wallet receive proper funding to benefit from liquidity but also introduces them to a significant and international crypto network, as well as increasing their social media presence by participation in AMAs or contests. 

Meteor Wallet, one of the up-and-coming incubated projects on NEARStarter, is a simple and secure Wallet on the Near Protocol that allows users to collect NFTs, access DeFi and explore the Near Ecosystem. Jonathan Myburgh, head of growth at Meteor Wallet, noted: 

“It’s pretty crazy to think that this all started from an NFT collection (Near Tinker Union) with the aim to build products that benefit the Near ecosystem. We started by building a no-code NFT launchpad but soon realized that Near lacked a wallet that matched its UX ambitions to help transition Web2 over to Web3.

Our goal is to be the go-to wallet that makes the Near blockchain simple and secure for users within one super wallet app (identity, financial, social, your gateway to the chain).

Edward Chew is the founder of Near Tinker Union NFT and leads the technical nature of Meteor Wallet. He previously worked at one of the largest e-wallet companies in Asia. 

We are grateful for the NEARStarter team that has been alongside us from the early stages of the project.”

The incubator program aims to serve as the Near and Aurora ecosystem’s top growth engine. To do so, they have so far been successful in helping several projects to develop in the Near market with great partners and international Guilds that NEARStarter is collaborating with.

The wallet was founded by an all-star team that also developed top-notch projects like Near Tinker Union, a top five NFT project on Near in terms of volume, and Enleap, a leading NFT launchpad platform on Near.

Ramiro Gamen, head of accelerator at NEARStarter, shared: 

“At NearStarter, we see tremendous potential in Meteor’s tech and community, but even more in their founders. They’ve harnessed their experiences from Near Tinker Union and their collective knowledge of the industry to develop an amazing tool for Near users to securely store, manage and exchange their digital assets, with unique features that prove ideal to new users coming into the Near ecosystem or blockchain in general.” 

Moreover, NEARStarter incubates other projects, including a lending 2.0 protocol and a Web3 Career Hub. 

The NEARStarter acceleration program is already recognized as one of the leaders in the Near ecosystem and has established partnerships with crucial projects, including Paras, Roketo, Shitzu, Fluxus and Decentral Bank among others.

Since the market is expanding at an unprecedented speed, NEARStarter, as an incubator, must constantly seek ways to enhance the services it offers. Future plans for the platform include continuing to expand the utility of the “Vicious Fishes” NFT collection, supporting incubated projects through additional high-quality partnerships, and launching the NSTART initial decentralized exchange offering soon. NEARStarter’s energy is in full swing to keep shaking the Near and crypto ecosystem.

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NEARStarter is a DAO-governed incubator acting as the ultimate growth engine for the Near and Aurora ecosystem.

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