Greensboro, April 12, 2022 — The popular crypto launchpad DAO Maker is venturing into the realm of nonfungible tokens (NFTs). The platform announced its upcoming debut this month with a collection of 5,000 images of the late, great soccer star Diego Maradona.

The project has the support of all five of Maradona’s heirs. His daughter, Jana, said of the commemoration, “The ’Maradona D10s’ NFTs is the first time all heirs have come together in a creative collaboration since Diego’s passing.”

This is the first Maradona-licensed collection to hit the NFT market and an impressive foray into this industry by DAO Maker. Dropping in April, the tokens will feature various pictures of the beloved Argentinian athlete and launch with the opening of the 2022 FIFA season. 

“We’re excited that Maradona fans can use the NFTs as online avatars. This collection is built on the Ethereum blockchain and supports virtually any blockchain,” said Christoph Zaknun, CEO of DAO Maker.

DAO Maker is not just making an impact by giving scores of fans a modern way to remember their idol. This innovative launchpad is out to fix the widespread concerns in this booming section of cryptocurrency. 

Zaknun said, “The NFT space has been off lately, plagued with fraudulent activity. We want to clean up this market and offer a venue for celebrities and founders that want NFT drops done legitimately.”

About DAO Maker

DAO Maker was founded in 2018. It is the first incubator to explore possibilities in the initial decentralized exchange offering and initial game offering. The platform is a funding source for startups and mitigates risk for investors. To learn more about DAO Maker and the “Maradona D10s” collection, visit these social media pages.

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