DBX’s digital ecosystem will solve many issues related to handling digital assets. The new promising player manages a powerful toolkit, which has attracted new members and increases the capitalization of the platform.

The blockchain platform runs on a few algorithms and enables users to become investors in a safe digital ecosystem, with the opportunity to receive passive income.

What are the unique characteristics of the DBX project? 

The ecosystem contains a variety of interesting services, including a new-generation digital casino, trading of cannabis products (where it is legal) and a charity fund.

While doing any operations, users get cashback and other bonuses. When sharing links, users will get bonuses in the form of interest from the system’s income into their wallets. 

We are currently creating and promoting a community that will unite young people who are interested in the development of modern investments, programming, development of artificial intelligence, cyber games, music, media platforms, sports, vacations and leisure industries.

DBX token — The result of the evolution of a variety of tokens

The DBX token is not a regular coin. The platform has its own token, which has all the advantages of existing cryptocurrencies. Each upgrade has been forked from its predecessors.

This unique cryptocurrency network is ideal for instant payments, everyday shopping and even income for staking. Why is it unique? There are at least four reasons why it is unique: 

  • Transfer, exchange and minting of coins — from 0.5 to 2.5 seconds.
  • Connection between addresses, transactions and balances can be lost within seconds, which enables anonymity and security. 
  • Transaction processing requires low energy consumption due to the small amount of data.
  • Transactions can be done in different types and token nominals. 

It works on Quark, the anonymous Zerocoin protocol, as well as ERC-20 smart contracts protocol. Because of this, DBX enables a two-way transfer of digital assets from the Quark blockchain to an ERC-20 blockchain, and vice versa.

Emission of 17,600,001,071 tokens will be held on the blockchains, which can be exchanged between one another quickly through the DBX payment system application.

More advantages from the DBX ecosystem

Users don’t need to be professional investors in order to managing asset portfolios. Using the platform’s services, there is no need to deposit money in banks at a low-interest rate.

The creators want to make DBX a platform that enables investors to get decentralized smart dividends from the project. The received income is split between trust funds and investors.

Plans for the future — 18 points on the map and 10 million users

Our company plans to open in 18 stock capitals, including Moscow, Tokyo, Zurich, Sidney, New York and London. This will definitely increase interest and demand in the DBX token. Moreover, the number of users is expected to increase up to 10 million. 

At the end of summer, we will hold a token sale with two presale levels at the price of $0.02 and $0.03, respectively. In autumn 2021, an initial exchange offering for $0.06 will take place. In 2021, we are expected to have our firm rooted in six stock exchanges around the world.

Soon, the DBX team plans to launch a mobile app, which will work on all popular mobile platforms. This is set to become another tool for managing assets.

Please find more detailed information here or on our social media sites:

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