The DBX eco-platform has been created for managing digital assets, with a few algorithms and extensive functions that are built into it simultaneously. With the help of these instruments, the user can invest funds safely and receive guaranteed passive income.

What’s the unique thing about the DBX project?

Many interesting services can be found on the DBX platform such as a modern online casino, legal platforms for cannabinoid products and charity.

The project organizes various offers and gives away bonuses and cashbacks. In this way, the user will receive a promotion, or a certain percentage from the income of the platform for exchanging links.

DBX Listing from September to October  2021

DBX will be available for purchase at the same time on seven of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. For depositors who have already participated in the exclusive sales, the full functionality of the currency is already available.

Following this list, the coin will be launched on various global crypto platforms:

  • Bitforex (starting from September 10);
  • BitMart (starting from September 10);
  • LBank (starting from September 15);
  • WhiteBit (starting from September 20);
  • Latoken (starting from September 25);
  • Probit (starting from September 30);
  • Coinsbit (starting from October 05).

Currently, the work is aimed at uniting people who are interested in investments, programming, mainstream vacation spheres, art and leisure.

What is the DBX token unique for?

The DBX platform is an innovative project. It has its own token that combines all of the advantages of a cryptocurrency in itself. 

You can make everyday purchases and fast transfers, and receive income for betting with it. The DBX token is unique for 4 reasons:

  1. Only 0.5 to 2.5 seconds are needed to transfer, exchange and mine coins.
  2. The information about transactions, balance and addresses are deleted automatically within a few seconds to ensure anonymity and security for each user.
  3. The amount of data exchange is small, that is why operations require low energy consumption.  
  4. A number of various types and amounts of tokens are available for transactions. 

Two-way exchange of digital assets is implemented on the platform from the ERC-20 to the Quark blockchain, and vice versa. 

Emission of tokens occurs within the blockchains. With the help of them, you can carry out operations with tokens through the DBX payment systems.  

Great opportunities for investments

You don’t need to be a specialist in order to operate your assets on the DBX platform successfully. Also, you will not need to deposit funds in banks at a low interest rate. The project is aimed specifically at passive income. The system will provide decentralized smart dividends to investors. Both investors and trust funds will receive income from those dividends.


The developers of the platform made global plans for the project’s growth. The company is looking to open offices in 18 international cities including Tokyo, Zurich, Sydney, London, New York and other exchange capitals all over the world. The creators are sure that this will noticeably increase the interest for the platform.

According to preliminary predictions, the number of the audience will exceed ten millions users.

From June to August of 2021, a token sale was held with two presale rounds at the cost of $0.0241 and $0.0321. In September, the IEO was held on the exchange Bitforex at the cost of $0.0642. A strategy for developing up to six places all over the world is planned for 2021.

Moreover, the developers are about to launch the mobile version of the DBX ecosystem, which will function on any popular mobile platform. It will become an additional tool for mobile interaction with digital assets of users from all over the world.