Decentralized Community Investment Protocol (DCIP) is a blockchain protocol that is one of the trending projects in the crypto ecosystem. This is because of its innovative features and the new concept it brings to the blockchain space. 

DCIP is the first investment as a token services token (IaaS) token built on the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC). Unlike other tokens launching on the BSC network, DCIP has real use cases. 

Innovative decentralized autonomous organization 

DCIP utilizes its community-driven investment fund to invest in diverse sectors including crypto assets, non-fungible tokens and metaverse lands, among others. 

Token holders decide all investments and operations taken by DCIP based on its innovative decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) system built on In addition, token holders determine the projects in which they want the protocol to partake and share profits on the investments. 

The total balance of DCIP in an investor’s wallet represents their share of voting power and share of profits from investments taken by the protocol. Token holders with more than 80 billion DCIP tokens can create proposals on potential investment projects through a voting process. 

Suppose the proposal is accepted by the community and successfully brings in a profit. In that case, the proposal creator receives 2.5% of the total profit plus their corresponding reward once the community decides to liquidate the position. 

The entire voting process is recorded on Snapshot, which stores the information in IPFS, ensuring transparency and accountability for all token holders. Apart from the decentralized voting system, DCIP has also placed measures to ensure the sustainability and stability of its protocol. 

One such measure is an anti-whale mechanism embedded within the DCIP smart contract that caps the maximum transaction amount at 0.1% of the total supply. In addition, there is a punishment tax that discourages new token holders from quick sales within 24 hours of holding. This measure ensures a steady price control and creates demand for DCIP tokens, driving its price.

Powered by a unique utility token 

DCIP ecosystem is powered by its native BEP-20 token DCIP, which provides holders with access to investment opportunities. The initial supply of DCIP was one quadrillion tokens with 50% burned after launch. The token distribution is transparent and designed to incentivize holders and ensure the sustainability of the projects. 

Holders can enjoy a share of the profits from projects voted upon and successful investments leading to passive income opportunities. DCIP is currently available on PancakeSwap and is set to be listed on new centralized and decentralized exchanges in the future. 

More developments are set for the future 

Since its launch in June 2021, DCIP has successfully achieved rapid growth in the DeFi space. It boasts several successful investment projects like Horizon Protocol, Telcoin and Wrapped Ether. DCIP has also revealed plans to migrate to a new architecture due to the influx of users on its existing framework. 

These developments are proof that the protocol has gained the attention of the crypto world, and more products are set to be launched in the coming months. To learn more about DCIP, follow the links below. 

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