A Data Collaboration Proposal is a project by KNN3 Network and POD. It describes standards for Web3 data collaboration, including data schema specifications, data sources and structures for tracking and collecting, and data schema for decoding structured outcomes. 

Vision and mission of DCPs

The main goal of creating a DCP is to allow wide Web3 communities to understand and integrate Web3 data schema collaboratively.

Stop reinventing the wheel

DCP helps Web3 communities discover and share data solutions that target specific problems, so Web3 developers do not have to rebuild duplicated data apps to solve the same problems.

Data acknowledgment and composability

DCP is an effective way to allow data providers and users to promote data solutions with a clear specification of the data schema. It allows data aggregators and mix-decentralized applications (DApps) to integrate their produced data conveniently.

How does a DCP work?

Any blockchain project, developer or community is welcome to join the project to create a new Web3 data world with DCPs. 

DCP authors can either make improvements on existing DCPs or propose an entirely new one, as long as it is a type of data schema standard to drive acknowledgment and composability. 

The project has a group of data professionals and Web3 engineers that serve as DCP revisers. They assist DCP authors in revising proposals into collaborative-friendly public readable documents.

DCP Work Flow  

Visit here for more workflow details and proposal structures.

Revisers for DCPs don’t interfere with the actual content of the proposals. KNN3 and POD together make DCPs a public Web3 infrastructure, so the process and content are data neutral and future agnostic.

Who is invited?

The following are invited to create their own DCP. 

  • Developers and users of a Web3 protocol
  • Data providers, aggregators and consumers
  • Web3 data analysts and researchers. 

They can share data solutions, let the Web3 community know more and discover new opportunities to build on existing data.

As Fred Wilson, American venture capitalist, has said, “It all comes down to the database that sits behind an application. If, on the other hand, the database is an open public database that is not controlled and administered by a single company but instead is a truly open system available to all, then that kind of market power cannot be built up around a data asset.”

About KNN3 Network

KNN3 Network is a topological data solution for Web3 builders to discover in-depth relationships for blockchains. Additionally, KNN3 Network provides a composable and optimizable graph solution with seamless synchronization from live blockchains. Thus, Web3 developers can build their DApps with real-time Web3 social-relation feedings.

About POD

POD is an on-chain data middleware built on various blockchain networks that aims to create a secure and trustworthy third-party data collaboration platform.