Bangalore, October 29, 2021: Hypersign, the simple-to-use authentication solution that secures user data by combining digital identity with the blockchain, released its pioneering application HyperFyre to help securely build “resilient and dependable communities.”

Built on the Hypersign protocol, Hyperfyre is Web 3.0 compliant and enables businesses to create cult-level followings through explosive real-time promotions using social media blasts, sweepstakes, contests, referral programs and more while protecting user data and maintaining privacy at all times. 

The tool helps businesses:

  • Identify real users through secure public key encryption
  • Eliminate malicious bots and hackers through social verification
  • Encrypt user data, restricting access to owners only
  • Prevent user monopolies by ensuring the uniqueness of each registered user
  • Only collect data relevant to the specific event 

Say goodbye to bots, fake users and malicious hackers as HyperFyre helps create real communities by leveraging its growing base of verified users, allowing community members to verify themselves and promote brands on their socials to incentivize members for inviting their friends and ensuring that campaign winners are real and selected without bias or manipulation. 

Speaking on the launch, Roger Lim of NGC Ventures said, “HyperFyre is a great option that enables projects to build a cult community following via social media, referral programs, contests and more.”

Luka Sucic of Meta Change Capital added, “One of the reasons I have been an early supporter of Hypersign is their capabilities to address a market need really fast using their core technology like they are doing with HyperFyre.”

DFG Capital’s James Wo also remarked, “With HyperFyre, the unique ID-related marketing tool, it will be much easier to build your real fast-growing community.” 

The launch of HyperFyre arrives during a period of unprecedented adoption for the privacy and security protocol with its native token HID witnessing exponential growth. Now trading on multiple blockchains since the recent bridge to the Polygon network, the team will soon be announcing their much-awaited token burn mechanism. 

“We’ve found the bounty campaign absolutely fantastic and the results have been really great.”, stated Jolyon, CEO of TotemFi, who recently used the platform to augment their Prediction Market Community. Projects such as Defactor and OptionRoom, having recently used the platform, were also vocal about how powerful Hyperfyre actually is when it comes to building a following of real users, as well as ensuring the lowest attrition rates in the business.

By leveraging their growing community of over 20,000 verified users, HyperFyre has secured over 20 campaigns, eliminated over 70,000 bots, issued over 8,000 verifiable credentials, created 22,000 decentralized IDs and mitigated multiple hacks by malicious actors. 

The team is currently busy building out multiple features such as nonfungible token (NFT) scratch cards and adding intricate gamification and token utility into the platform so partners can pay in HID, HIDPolygon and Tether (USDT) to use the application.

The era of privacy and data protection begins today with HyperFyre. 

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HyperFyre is a product of Hypermine Labs: an avant-garde technology and research organization that is dedicated to building trust and transparency in the real world. In line with a vision to create a world where privacy is a fundamental right, and where our data is secure and belongs to us.