Boom, a decentralized SocialFi platform, has announced the launch of its application on the App Store and Google Play, and released its Android file download. 

There is massive hype in the nonfungible token (NFT) and cryptocurrency markets. Unfortunately, this has resulted in fake NFTs on Web2 social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Discord. Some users may screenshot or download an NFT image, then use it as a profile picture without actually owning the NFT. In doing so, this negates the purpose of owning an NFT with true blockchain technology. 

With this in mind, Boom has solved most issues that users and creators face on Web2 platforms involving the authentication of assets. With Boom going live, one can expect the community to grow, creating more opportunities and industry collaboration while retaining value for NFTs and crypto tokens. The Boom team is also working on a desktop version expected to release in March 2022.

Boom introduction video 

Boom’s primary function is that users and creators can create an account to browse news or share opinions about the current crypto market. Users can follow news published by whales or key opinion leaders, and creators can share information or ideas on their accounts privately or publicly. Recently, Boom also unveiled a function that allows users to display their NFTs or tokens on their profiles as they wish. While users read articles and posts, they can verify their credibility based on the assets they hold.

Since Boom is a community-based application, it has also launched a $1 million creator fund to provide better quality support to content creators.

Boom will join ZKSpace’s first-anniversary carnival, giving away special NFTs

Boom is collaborating with ZKSpace, an all-featured layer-2 protocol, for ZKSpace’s first-anniversary carnival, giving away special NFTs to event participants. Using ZK-Rollups technology, the giveaway will be a limited-edition NFT release by the two platforms on the Ethereum network. The anniversary events start today and end on Feb. 25, 2022. To participate and claim limited-edition NFTs, follow the instruction below:

  • Follow Boom’s Twitter account (@boomapporg) and retweet the event.
  • Join Boom’s official Telegram group.
  • Download the Boom app and create an account. 
  • Once all the procedures are completed, users can leave their official Twitter accounts and Telegram usernames on a Google form to claim rewards.

Boom Future Giveaways / Airdrops

In Boom’s roadmap for the future, the team is releasing the platform’s official NFT in mid-April, 2022. The NFT is based on a concept created by the Boom team, beginning with an explosion on a nearby planet at the end of 2022. A new planet was born called Boom, and crypto lovers were born in the explosion. This crypto-loving society performs its respective duties on the new planet and builds the planet’s ecosystem together as whales, influencers, consumers, creators, and artists. 

Now the planet of Boom is issuing identification cards through airdrops to the planet’s first residents. There will be several benefits, including community governance rights, personal brand exposure, product trial, exclusives bonuses and more.

About the Boom team

Boom was registered in Miami, Florida, and the company was founded by a group of cyberpunk enthusiasts based in the United States, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Malaysia. The founding members of Boom have different backgrounds but came together voluntarily out of common interest and vision.