Los Angeles, May 3, 2022 — The decentralized social media race is just starting to heat up. Elon Musk finalized his purchase of Twitter, and now, everyone is wondering how long it will take for him to bring it into the age of Web3.

While Elon could face an uphill battle from Twitter employee backlash, there’s already a bustling decentralized social media app ecosystem on DeSo These apps have native features that creators and entrepreneurs can use to start earning right away.

Entre, a decentralized Web3 LinkedIn competitor, launched on the decentralized social media blockchain. 

Michael Marra, founder of Entre, said, “Entre is a Web3 professional network designed to help people connect and work in the Web3 world.”

On LinkedIn, one can post content to cultivate opportunities and eventually earn. Users can build a professional Web3 network, cultivate opportunities and earn on content right away on Entre.

Web3 jobs are in high demand as big brands clamor to find talent to build decentralized ecosystems. Entre has created an ecosystem full of professionals working toward that purpose. 

Entre has an integrated marketplace that makes it easy to discover the next big Web3 opportunity to accelerate one’s career.

“Decentralized social media is important because users own and control their content and audience,” Marra said.

Entrepreneurs can post jobs and gigs to hire more easily and conduct team meetings on the same platform. Creators can create content and host live streams and events.

About DeSo

Entre is built on DeSo, the only layer-1 blockchain designed to build and scale decentralized social media apps for 1 billion users. DeSo is currently listed on Coinbase and recently pushed its Hypersync upgrade live on a mainnet.

Notable DeSo holders include Sequoia Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Winklevoss Capital and Alex Ohanian.


  • Arash Ghaemi — ash@deso.org