PAPR Ecosystem is the only play in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space to tame the forbidden unicorn that is a “seigniorage-based algorithmic stablecoin.” What the heck is that? In short, the future of money. Don’t miss this one. *SPOILER ALERT* — David beats Goliath.

The short ‘n’ skinny

PAPR Ecosystem allows you to print your own money. You’re already saying, “Yeah, yeah, Basis Cash 2.0. You’ll print, investors will dump and the stablecoin will lose peg. Better luck next time.” WRONG! PAPR Ecosystem learned from the failures of its predecessors. Innovation is the key to PAPR’s success. On four chains, dating back to May 2021, PAPR never lost peg! Never!

OHM is what some think of as DeFi 2.0. PAPR Ecosystem goes beyond OHM. If OHM is DeFi 1.5, PAPR Ecosystem is true DeFi 2.0. PAPR Ecosystem does not just operate as an investment scheme limited to DeFi. 

PAPR’s team is developing real-world use cases and already has developed a fully functional decentralized economic system. PAPR will be usable as cash in real life. No banks. No middlemen. You can pay for goods and services directly to your friends, family, grocer, landlord, insurance company and more, using a DApp on your mobile device. 

Think we’re just spinning wheels? PAPR Ecosystem is backed by a $500,000 grant from KuCoin Community Chain to build out the Ecosystem and innovate, develop and launch the first use case, PAPRjobs. PAPR Ecosystem’s team is also fully doxxed to KuCoin; and there have already been meetings with KuCoin and a land developer in the Los Angeles area to build high-end condo communities, PAPRvillage. Bullish would be an understatement. PAPR Ecosystem is at a unique point in history, headed for the moon, but also still somewhat of a hidden gem.

Make bank

“Be Your Own Bank” is a foundational conviction of the PAPR Ecosystem.

Printing room – Put your PRNTR in the Printing Room and collect PAPR as it emits into the Ecosystem.

Pools – If you’re reading this, you know what a liquidity pool is (earn fees for staking LPs).

Vaults – Unique layered auto-compounding. Vaults continuously reinvest your rewards, even while you sleep. This is where you can get those face-melting APRs. Lifetime passive income, anyone?

Coming soon…private farms dubbed “Private Stash.”


PAPR – The world’s #1 stablecoin pegged to 1 USD

  • Cash token (designed for universal and external use in the real world)
  • Launched on KCC, FTM, Polygon and BSC
  • Never lost peg across four-chains; first in history

PRNTR – Governance token, printer goes BrrRRRrrr!!!

  • Own a slice of the pie
  • Voting and DAO (activation after matured)

TONR – Masterchef token

  • Internal token for those looking to make pairs and traditional DeFi reward seekers

INK – Bond token

  • Never been minted due to PAPR never losing peg
  • Used for moving PAPR price back to peg if falls below

The PAPR team launched its own DEX on KCC and will be building it out to a full-stack DEX in the coming months.

Decentralize me

Finally — true decentralization. PAPR will soon be a universal cross-chain.

Origami bridge – Easy to use, innovative and inexpensive. Origami users will easily move PAPR between chains. This further strengthens and stabilizes the one-dollar peg of PAPR; and makes it the most decentralized stablecoin to ever exist. Arbitrage will help keep the cross-chain economy in perfect balance. Origami Bridge users can also easily bridge other cryptocurrencies affordably.

PAPR Ecosystem soon releases over-the-counter trading. Allowing traders to directly deal, without going through pools. This helps prevent disruption of liquidity balancing.

Real world use cases

PAPRjobs - It is like fiverr for DeFi, except the worker earns interest while the work gets done (within agreed upon time-frame).
PAPRvillage - High-end condo communities are developed in the most sought after areas in the world (starting with Los Angeles). A motivated land developer is ready to build and PAPR already met with a major crypto exchange regarding easy on-ramping into the PAPR Ecosystem. Just a matter of time. All residents can purchase their property, pay rent, buy groceries, coffee, gym membership, you name it...they can buy it using PAPR in PAPRvillage and eventually, PAPRcity and PAPRmetro.

PAPR Ecosystem feels complex until you take a step back and see that it works like a living organism. Checks and balances everywhere with the sole intent of serving real people in the real world — without a centralized gate keeper telling you how and when to use your money.

Be heard and empowered. PAPR truly values you and the community it serves.
Visit their website or join them via Telegram or Discord.

This intro video dropped for the KCC launch is the coolest thing you’ll see all day. PAPR’s team, normal dudes with the genius, expertise and work ethic to make Satoshi’s dream a reality.

Act now or cry later, the choice is yours.