London, U.K. — Crypto and nonfungible token (NFT) pawnbroking platform DeFi For You has just dropped a mobile app complete with a wallet that supports most major cryptocurrencies. This news comes after the project listed its native DFY token on on Dec. 31. 

“We wanted to end 2021 with a bang,” said CEO Adam Chaplin. “This is the first of four modules on the app. It will later include our NFT pawnbroking features and NFT marketplace, as well as staking and farming.” 

DeFi For You recently launched an NFT marketplace and will be announcing partnerships with a major pawnbroking company and a licensed bank in Ukraine in 2022. 

“The mobile wallet will eventually hold all of our platform’s features, including lending and borrowing, connecting with local pawnbrokers, creating and trading NFTs, and earning through farming and lotteries,” said Chaplin. 

“We recognize the importance of integrating mobile into the mix. We’re building this app to allow our users to interact with our platform on the go and bring their DeFi portfolio with them everywhere they go.” 

“You’ll be able to take pictures on your mobile and instantly mint them into NFTs and put them on the market in seconds. When someone buys it, the funds will be deposited into the wallet and will later be able to be withdrawn via our banking partners into fiat if you wish as well.” 

What is DeFi For You? 

DeFi For You was founded in the summer of 2020 by Adam Chaplin, who was a co-founder 

of The platform allows users to work with pawnbrokers to NFT physical assets and use them as collateral for stablecoin loans. 

The platform has been growing its presence in the Binance Smart Chain community and beyond. 

DeFi For You now has lending and borrowing, an NFT marketplace, pawnbroker partnerships, a bank partnership and now a mobile app. 

To learn more about DeFi For You visit our website.