Since raising $1 million from private fundraising rounds and an initial DEX offering, the My DeFi Pet project has gained tremendous attraction from players worldwide, with more than 4,900 token holders and 50,000 pets purchased. The game has quickly become the most anticipated blockchain game.

My DeFi Pet is fully incubated by KardiaChain, the first non-invasive interoperable blockchain, and TopeBox, the top mobile game developer in Vietnam that has more than 100 million downloads globally. My DeFi Pet inherits excellent 3D graphics from Unity Engine and NFT blockchain characteristics that take the user experience to a whole different level. On May 14, 2021, the first release of My DeFi Pet will be available on Android and web versions for players to join and earn rewards.

Preparing your DeFi pets

As My DeFi Pet releases several features on May 14, players — aka Pet Masters — can start preparing their pets on the launch date for future in-game content and rewards. To start the game, Pet Masters only need one DeFi Pet. However, more DeFi Pets are recommended, as they will be helpful in the future releases of player-versus-environment, player-versus-player and others.

To own a DeFi Pet, Pet Masters are required to spend an affordable amount of 3 DPET (less than $3). They can also acquire DeFi Pets via Marketplace and Breeding two DeFi Pets to obtain offspring.

Pet Masters can feed their pets, which will grow to Level 10 and evolve. Having evolved, pets can see their attributes grow significantly. Another advantage of evolving pets is the eligibility to breed with another evolved pet to acquire offspring.


Invest to win and earn

My DeFi Pet introduces a new “Invest to Win and Earn” model that encourages players to invest and engage in the game to earn monetary rewards. The initial investment opens up many opportunities for Pet Masters to earn.

  • The first way to earn is by participating in the Season Events, which have 1,000 Tether (USDT) weekly rewards and a lucrative grand prize of 88,888 USDT for the whole season.

  • The second way to earn is to stake DPET tokens to receive bonus eggs, new eggs and items in addition to yield rewards.

Additionally, the initial investment of acquiring new DeFi Pets could bring a great return for the Pet Masters if the pet is one of a kind.

An enchanted land with its own story

Apart from the captivating gameplay, My DeFi Pet includes its own lore for players to invest both financially and emotionally. In an alternate universe, Earth was invaded by a mysterious dark force from outer space. The Earth’s mythical defense mechanism summoned monsters with magical abilities to battle against the invaders. Each monster has its own set of backstory and elemental power that needs to be nurtured to evolve into a more powerful force of nature. In order to have the most powerful army to defend Earth, Pet Masters around the world gather to collect, raise and train these monsters as their pets to bring together a group with exceptional monsters to fight a battle no ordinary human could to keep the Earth safe.

Pet Masters, what could be better than investing in DeFi Pets, receiving earnings, and saving the Earth?

In conclusion

My DeFi Pet distinguishes itself from other NFT games because of its awesome 3D graphics, in-depth game contents and generous rewards. The game will be launched on May 14, 2021, allowing Pet Masters to invest in their DeFi Pets, receive rewards, and save the Earth from invaders. The game will be available for Android and web versions.

See you in the game, Pet Masters.


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