The listing of DeFiScale’s token (DFC) on HitBTC will start on April 22. This will be the second exchange, after CoinDeal, which will give investors a platform to buy and sell DFC. In the first week of trading on CoinDeal, the price of DFC rose 60%.

DeFiScale introduced the Venture Pad, a new category within decentralized finance, by combining: 

  1. Staking with rewards coming from the profits of DeFiScale. 
  2. Growth of the DFC token stimulated by the opening of new commercial projects, for example, in the gaming and financial sectors.
  3. Event-driven growth of capitalization as an effect of business expansion and publishing financial reports of DeFiScale and its portfolio project.

DeFiScale is a blockchain-based project offering staking of two assets — Tether (USDT) and DFC — and a fixed reward paid to investors daily. DeFiScale allocates its pool of funds in new and existing blockchain projects. The HitBTC listing and the upcoming monetization of new crypto projects are the next major steps to solidify DeFiScale’s presence in the rapidly growing DeFi industry to exploit the steadily accelerating migration of money and clients from centralized finance to decentralized finance.

HitBTC offers over 1,000 trading pairs, with daily volume exceeding $4 billion. The platform was created in 2013 and provides exchange, custodial and other related services. It works with individual customers and corporate clients and has offices all over the world including Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore. 

DeFiScale introduces a new business model to the DeFi sector, which, until now, has been dominated by projects targeting blockchain technology solutions, crypto exchanges, lending and borrowing and smart contracts. Its primary investment targets are financial and gambling crypto projects. This innovative approach to DeFi has gained recognition from investors whose DFCs will now be available for trading on HitBTC.

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