The initial game offering for DeFly Ball’s DEFLY token was successfully completed on four launchpads. It was set to launch on Dec. 10 on PolkaBridge and on Dec. 11 on Duck DAO, Kommunitas and PlayPad. The DEFLY listing date is set for Dec. 15 at 1 pm UTC on PancakeSwap.

DeFly Ball recently announced the successful closing of its seed and private sale rounds, securing $1.6 million in total investments. The project is supported by several major investors, which include Oddiyana Ventures, Duck DAO, BBS Finance, MH Ventures, AVG Ventures, among many others.

About DeFly Ball

DeFly Ball is taking the real-world gaming experience to the next level by introducing the newest game-changer in the market, unveiling the first-ever Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based Flyball Dogs Metaverse racing game. It includes 3D model characters, the famous Fly Ball Arena, training levels for the Fly Ball Race, a rare nonfungible token (NFT) Super Dog Character, food kits for maintaining dogs’ levels of speed, stamina, agility and more. 

“For the longest time, there was a need to fill the gaping hole of innovative blockchain gameplay that allows players to have more control over their gaming assets. That’s where DeFly Ball comes into the picture,” said DeFly Ball CEO Murray Marderosian. DeFly Ball takes blockchain gameplay to a higher level with an innovative, virtual, NFT-based play-to-earn game. It is a fascinating and captivating real-world competition transformed into a virtual world that allows players to collect, sell, or rent their valuable NFTs in the cryptocurrency marketplace. 

DeFly Ball features and game modes

DeFly Ball features various playing models, including, single-player gameplay, teams and tournaments, among others. The objective is to build a platform where the game’s characters are not just graphics but valuable assets that carry weight for a developer and users. As a result, the DeFly Ball team has developed a game-changing BSC-based racing game that allows each character to maintain rarity and value as an NFT in the marketplace and offer impressive graphics to enhance the visual experience.

Marderosian describes DeFly Ball as a “one-of-a-kind racing game because it is all about the dogs. While DeFly Ball allows gamers to collect, feed, train, trade, and race dogs to grow and earn tokens in the game, the marketplace also provides a safe and fascinating platform for DeFly users to create, sell and mint their valuable NFT dogs.”

He continued, “The goal is to build your NFTs and showcase them on the DeFly Marketplace. In doing so, you will gain the attention of the gaming audience and entice them to buy your NFTs for an amount you establish.” 

DeFly Ball will have training zones for players to first train their dogs to make them ready for racing. Players can participate in three different modes: Bot Mods, Face-off and Tournaments. They can take part in the game modes with a single character or with a team of four canine characters. Those who win the race or participate in any gaming mode will be rewarded in gems or tokens.

About the DEFLY token 

The DEFLY token serves as a utility and a governance token within the DeFly Ball ecosystem. It is the backbone of the platform and a principal means of trade.

The token is used for every purchase in the game. This includes getting your first Superdog characters, training and food kits, as well as being used as the in-game currency to make purchases of premium items. 

DEFLY tokens may also be staked for a predetermined amount of time, making the owner eligible for staking rewards and weekly draws from the collection of NFT characters.

Major upcoming developments

DeFly Ball is expected to release the NFT super dogs, food kits, energy boosters and other items in January next year, along with marketplace publishing. The main focus for 2022 will be the launch of InoCoin (INO) on different launchpads. After this will come NFT renting and the Gems Reward system, along with the alpha version of the game.

Those who wish to learn more about DeFly Ball and stay updated with its project developments may visit its website and other social media channels.

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