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DeGame, one of the largest GameFi/NFT aggregators in the market, has announced its second round of fundraising of $6.5 million and scheduled genesis airdrop for DeGame users.

This round was led by Folius Ventures, Kenetic Capital and A&T Capital, followed by NGC Ventures, Hack VC, Hashkey Capital, Avalanche, Golden Bull, Y2Z Ventures, Collingstar Capital, Sfermion, Bixin Ventures, Assembly Partners, FBG Capital, LucidBlue Ventures, Ranger Protocol and others.

Founded in June 2021, DeGame listed with over 4,000 GameFi project data and partnered with more than 100 GameFi chains, guilds and projects, including phenomenal projects STEPN, Thetan Arena and more.

After analyzing data from thousands of GameFi projects, DeGame has found that one of GameFi’s biggest challenges is bootstrapping. However, booming GameFi projects share a common factor: they rely heavily on the support of early contributors during bootstrapping. These contributors can be key opinion leaders, community ambassadors, airdrop users, community volunteers, content creators, guild leaders or others. They have made significant contributions before the project was known in the market, making it possible for the project to attract a large number of users and players to participate in it. However, the problem is how users can prove their contributions and how the project can locate and verify these contributors.

Therefore, DeGame proposes to use proof-of-contribution (PoC) to solve the problem of identifying contributors and rewarding contributions. DeGame will provide a PoC tool and a PoC-based contribution algorithm that will allow users and communities to spontaneously create a PoC community for GameFi projects, guilds, NFTs, protocols, DAOs and any other blockchain projects in a permissionless manner. The PoC community will record and verify users’ behavior and actions, calculate their contribution value through algorithms, and allow them to exchange their contribution value for on-chain identity verification, community privileges, a whitelist and even project NFTs or tokens. The PoC community will also provide on-chain user behavior verification, social account verification, a data backend and other tools to help projects manage user growth and performance-based promotion, and solve operational challenges like witch attacks.

DeGame’s CEO stated:

“A permissionless community and proof of contribution are the core spirit of the blockchain community since the creation of Bitcoin. As the industry enters its second decade, the blockchain industry is experiencing an explosion of DApps in GameFi, DeFi and NFTs. Our team has been considering how to motivate developers, key opinion leaders and users to build and grow their communities in a permissionless way, and how we can help them get rewards from projects. For GameFi projects, we are trying to combine Web2 and Web3 gamification user growth tools to create a next-generation community management infrastructure. We believe that in the PoC community, projects will be able to attract more volunteer contributors to participate in the projects while providing them with verification and rewards.”

Both projects and users could benefit from DeGame’s PoC community. For users, early contributors, key opinion leaders, community ambassadors, developers and holders will be able to organize communities to contribute to projects, including participating in hackathons, developing and deploying DApps, community promotion, initiating community DAOs/guilds, creating content for projects by using AIGC and more. Users’ contributions will be recorded and verified on the chain and receive NFT and tokens at the end. For projects, they can also organize communities and give NFT, tokens or other rewards to real contributors to overcome the bootstrapping challenge. As the largest GameFi aggregation platform, DeGame will help users discover and join the next game-changing project earlier through the PoC community and obtain project roles, NFTs and token rewards through contributions, and DeGame also aims to become a platform to prove contributions of all early contributors, key opinion leaders, influencer and guild leaders.

As Jason Kam, founder of Folius Ventures and lead investor in Stepn, stated:

“Folius has always been bullish on the future of the DApps layer, and the market potential of GameFi is even more impressive. In the future, blockchain games will move toward vertical integration and refinement, especially in economic models, player attributes and product life cycles. With DeGame’s focus on the GameFi community, refined economic scale analysis and new user quests, the GameFi revolution can indeed take off. We are deeply impressed by DeGame’s game content and financial talent, and its deep cultivation and unique insights into business development, token distribution and game platforms are impressive. We are looking forward to the launch of the DeGame proof-of-concept community.”

After launching the PoC community, DeGame will collaborate with well-known GameFi projects to launch the genesis airdrop for individuals who make significant contributions to projects. DeGame will continue to expand its partner network and integrate resources to create the hottest DeGame proof-of-contribution platform in history. Leading the new era of PoC Web3 and helping millions of users discover game-changing projects in advance.






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