On July 15, Degenverse announces “Degen Pass:” an NFT collection offering access to many privileges in the metaverse of Degen Gods. 

Degenverse is the first-ever Web3 project that navigates toward a generation where users will be able to access the metaverse at any point in time, interact with gambling platforms and win nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies. Its NFT collection “Degen Pass” will revolutionize iGaming, encompassing online betting, poker, casinos and esports, in Web3 by creating an immersive and personalized digital world for players and businesses.

“Degen Pass” is a collection of 1,777 genesis passes on the Ethereum blockchain. The pass will serve as an entry to the Degenverse ecosystem and portfolio of casinos. By holding this NFT, users will share the jackpot from iGaming providers. The project emphasizes that “jackpot” here is not like the usual jackpots users win in casinos. In Degenverse, the jackpot is the holders’ share of profits from casinos’ house edge, which they will receive for as long as they hold the NFTs. The house edge represents a casino’s gross profit in each game, and it’s a huge passive income for Degen holders who keep their NFTs, making them a big part of a major transformation in the iGaming industry.

This is also the first time in the history of Web3 that users can experience iGaming, casinos and blockchain technology in one ecosystem and by holding just one utility NFT in the form of a Degen Pass. 

Apart from Degenverse, holders will also benefit from custom perks inside the BC.Game platform — a renowned crypto casino in Web3 and the gambling industry with more than three million registrations worldwide, 10 billion-plus bets recorded to date, and 5,000-plus games. 

Mystery airdrops will also be provided to Degen Pass holders, and as the development progresses, only those who are part of Degenverse will have early access to its decentralized finance betting app. 

To be part of this revolution, there are three ways to get a Degen Pass: 

  1. By wagering in any game at BC.Game
  2. By being in the top 10 of the Big Bang Wagering event
  3. Through Degenverse official whitelist giveaways. 

Anyone can go to BC.Game to wager in several games. The more times a user wagers on this crypto casino platform, the higher the probability for them to get a Degen Pass as a reward. 

The Big Bang Wagering Event is another opportunity for anyone to get a Degen Pass. The event runs from June to July and has $2 million worth of rewards to give away. 

Finally, those who got onto Degenverse’s official whitelist will be able to mint Degen Pass NFTs and be the first holders to receive all the benefits of being a Degen Pass holder. 

The mint date is set at the end of July, and each Degen Pass costs 1 Ether (ETH). 

Learn more about Degenverse and Degen Pass by visiting degenverse.com. Stay tuned for updates by following the Degenverse Twitter or joining its Discord channel.