DeHorizon, a metaverse game ecosystem, recently announced its strategic round led by Griffin Gaming Partners and Circle Ventures.

The latest strategic financing round follows its $8.5 million pre-Series A funding round in October 2021, which was led by Sfermion, Dragonfly Capital and Everest Ventures Group.

“We are thrilled to have been voted into DeHorizon DAO and to be partnering with this very additive group of investors. Shane’s enthusiasm and vision for the metaverse are exciting and inspiring, and the team has a strong gaming and creative track record to match,” said a spokesperson of Griffin Gaming Partners.

“We’re excited by the growth and mainstream adoption of blockchain gaming and the metaverse,” said Jeremy Fox-Geen, chief financial officer of Circle Ventures. “And we are even more excited to be supporting DeHorizon as its all-star team builds the next generation of metaverse game ecosystems.”

The new funding raise will not only bolster a portfolio of entertaining games but will also help the team branch out to broaden DeHorizon Metaverse’s landscape.

What is DeHorizon Metaverse

DeHorizon aims to become the next generation of metaverse game ecosystems, enabling players to create, socialize and enjoy blockchain-based games with their friends. The long-term vision of DeHorizon Metaverse is to create a virtual carnival open to all metaverse inhabitants across multiple chains that lets players enjoy a second life.

The team behind DeHorizon is a group of gaming veterans who previously held roles at Riot Games, Dungeons & Dragons, and Blizzard Entertainment, as well as Web3 experts who have years of experience in the fintech and blockchain industries.


There have been three blockchain-based games publicly announced to build DeHorizon Metaverse’s gaming landscape: 

  • Team Battle DeVerse — After a great war breaks out in the City of Dawn, between Akademia and Shaharism, players must battle and try their best to occupy the City of Dawn for victory.

  • Battle Royale DeTournament — A complex challenge in outer space: Be the last ones standing in a deathmatch and survive in the massive map with treasures and traps.

  • Dragon-racing DeMythical: An exciting dragon-riding arena game. Huge prizes lead to more intense contests, but high returns usually come with high risks.

Ushering the movement to the NFT Space

Behind the exploration of the non-fungible token (NFT) space, DeHorizon blazed a trail toward constant improvement for a better player experience.

What if each player could have a connective passport with transformable avatars for DeHorizon Metaverse? That is the idea of DeMeta: the first interoperable, editable and evolving ERC-721 protocol NFT, composed of six customizable attributes and a character profile stored on-chain in 256 bytes that are customized by players themselves.

DeHorizon has shaped a multiverse storyline with an enormous worldview to allow players an immersive and spiritual experience with its ideas. In-game characters such as Numen and the space-time traveler Dr. De are original intellectual properties. Dr. De debuts in the Time-Space Mystery Box NFT event on OpenSea, the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace. Its floor price on OpenSea is 4 Ether (ETH) at the press time. 

Effigy: a medieval fantasy game

To constantly implement fresh elements in its metaverse, DeHorizon is also introducing another game called Effigy.

Effigy is a medieval fantasy game, taking place in a mysterious and mountainous region.

“Effigy embraces the core philosophy of crowdsourced world creation. We want to take our community on a journey to helping us create this new fantasy medieval world from literally the ground up. Be a part of the landowning nobles in early 2022,” said Todd Porter, chief product officer of DeHorizon.

Preview of the land with a flowing river and tavern in Effigy

All-star venture capital firms will help DeHorizon pave the way to becoming the next generation of metaverse game ecosystems. DeHorizon believes that continuing to optimize the game’s entry threshold will create an on-ramp for new players globally into the Web3-powered metaverse.

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