The last leg of the bull run in 2021 led to an unprecedented rise in trading volumes on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and increased investments in nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Many retail investors did not make the most of the opportunity.

On the flip side, whales cashed out mouth-watering figures. This unfair advantage comes from how they source their information: Whales are usually high-net worth individuals with access to quality market data guiding their investment decisions. To create a level playing ground for everyone, a platform is needed that gives the average Joe access to this market data.

DexCheck provides an intuitive platform that gives investors easy access to market data on DEXs and NFT projects. It distills data from newly launched liquidity pools, crypto tokens, NFTs and market performance on different blockchain networks into digestible and informative formats to help investors utilize the data in their investment decisions.

DexCheck comes with unique features

DexCheck believes every investor deserves to make investment decisions based on informed and trusted data to help increase profitability, stay ahead of whale manipulations and avoid scams. To this end, it will support a handful of innovative features to make its product offering stand out from competitors.

  • For starters, DexCheck will provide a Wallet Tracking feature to help investors keep an eye on the market activities of whales and traders with a proven track record of success. This will bring them closer to emulating whales and help inform their investment strategies.

  • The Big Trades feature further strengthens the benefit of whale tracking, as it signals the user whenever massive trade volumes are executed on their selected cryptocurrency on different DEXs.

  • The NFT Board will be a game-changer for all NFT lovers. With this feature, users can identify the most promising NFT projects, get in early and keep track of their performance and prices over time.

  • DexCheck has noted that calculating cryptocurrency taxes appears to be a nightmare for many investors. DexTax is a uniquely designed tax system that will allow users to get their tax duties done by simply connecting their wallets. In a single click, they will receive a complete and comprehensive breakdown of their tax details.


The DexCheck platform will launch its native token DXCHECK for governance and utility. Holding DXCHECK will grant users access to premium platform features. Only users who hold enough tokens can participate in the platform’s governance.

What’s next for DexCheck

The DexCheck web platform is projected to go live in the second quarter of 2022 with full support for aggregating data from DEX platforms across Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains, with plans to integrate non-EVM chains over time. The DXCHECK token will also be launched concurrently as a presale on notable launchpads, with DEX and centralized exchanged listings following immediately. To get early access to the platform, connect with DexCheck on Telegram and Twitter to stay updated on the project developments.

Presale whitelist competition

To kickstart the launch, DexCheck is opening its doors to the public early. It will allocate 1,000 guaranteed whitelist spots worth $250,000, with 900 spots for winners and 100 spots for top referrals. Learn more here.

About DexCheck

DexCheck is a data analytics platform that aggregates relevant data on DEXs and NFT projects to help users make better-informed investment decisions to maximize their profit potential.

Its intuitive platform makes it easier for investors to keep track of newly launched liquidity pools and monitor big swaps happening in real-time on different DEXs. With DexCheck, it becomes easier trying to predict crypto/NFT pricing trends based on accurate market patterns with its cutting-edge data analytics tools.

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