Decentralized finance popularity in 2020 was primarily spurred by decentralized exchanges, such as Uniswap and SushiSwap, which enable traders to provide liquidity and earn rewards.

However, one problem that these platforms face is that they offer limited trading services for advanced traders. What is provided mostly is only basic trading functions, such as buying, selling and swapping. This means that traders still have to wait for tokens on Uniswap to be listed on centralized exchanges before accessing advanced trading features. 

DexMex intends to solve this problem by offering a platform that bridges decentralized and centralized exchanges. 

DexMex: A bridge between centralized and decentralized exchanges

DexMex offers more features than the regular decentralized exchange and supports most options offered on centralized exchanges. For example, leveraged trading is one of the most popular features within the crypto trading scene but is missing on most DEXs. 

DexMex offers a peer-to-peer leverage feature that is built directly in its smart contract. Users can speculate on tokens and leverage their positions. On DexMex, users can also easily short with leverage and make trading decisions that are not available on other DEXs. 

Also, since the DEX is built on the Ethereum blockchain, traders get full interoperability within the Ethereum ecosystem. This means that you can trade any ERC-20 tokens, nonfungible tokens and other utility tokens on DexMex. DexMex is fully decentralized, and trades are channeled through a peer-to-peer system designed to offer a safe trading experience. 

DexMex is live with a new website

DexMex announced the launch of its new domain,, on March 21. It will offer traders an extensive and in-depth trading user experience. It houses a new user interface and access to trading options, such as shorting or longing supported ERC-20 tokens. 

Some of the token pairs that users can long or short include ETH-USDC, ERN-ETH, LINK-ETH, 1INCH-ETH, MATIC-ETH, ETH-wBTC, UNI-ETH, AAVE-ETH and DEXM-ETH. DexMex has also become part of the first Contract For Difference platform in the decentralized exchanges space. 

A CFD is a derivative instrument that provides traders exposure to a digital asset price change and is a major aspect of institutionalized trading. 

Some of the new features added to the new website include:

User-friendly interface 

The new domain is user-friendly and displays the minimum fund for each group. Since DeXMex is built on the Ethereum network, no collateral is needed to short or long tokens, as it’s peer-to-peer. Payout or losses is limited by the liquidity on the side that goes against the trader. 

Liquidity can be generated over time, and traders can deposit or withdraw Ether (ETH) at any time. Also, an option to connect to a wallet is also visible on the new platform, which makes it easy for beginners to start trading. 

Unlimited liquidity for traders 

Traders are not required to provide liquidity or loan assets to short or long a token on DexMex. This ensures that the platform’s liquidity is not restricted to the collateral available, which is the norm in most DEXs, meaning that traders can short a token with more than the freely available collateral. 

In such a scenario, a trader earns little in rewards from taking such positions. Since the profits are reduced, the risk is also limited, ensuring that traders don’t get liquidated. 

Staking opportunities 

DexMex has also added a staking portal on the newly developed platform. This will allow users to stake the utility token of the exchange, DEXM, and reap profits in ETH. Stakers are entitled to a 0.4% commission from every trade on the platform. 

Also, the DEX takes 0.05% of all staking fees and redistributes them to DEXM token holders. The redistribution model helps to build activities on the exchange and provides users incentives to hold the DEXM token. 

Holders do not need to convert the rewards from DEXM to another asset, as all rewards are paid out directly in ETH on DexMex. DexMex also has deflationary mechanisms placed to ensure sustainability as well as profitability. Of all the fees, 0.2% are burned or used for buybacks of existing tokens to decrease supply. 

More products under development 

Launching the trading platform is the first step toward the full implementation of the DexMex ecosystem. DexMex plans to launch new products for traders on the platform, for example, building products that solve the existing problems facing trade and scalability of nonfungible tokens. 

To learn more about DexMex, join the official Telegram channel and visit the trading platform.