Dfyn Network is building a multi-chain DEX ecosystem and is committed to establishing a thriving multi-chain ecosystem that includes a trustless decentralized exchange coupled with an ultra-fast gasless automated market maker that is optimized for the multi-blockchain universe. 

After raising $2.4 million from investors including CMS Holdings, QCP Capital, DFG, GBIC, Spark Capital, Signum, AU21, Black Edge, Faculty Group, Shima Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Amesten Capital, Blockpact, Moonrock Capital, DeFi Capital, Genblock Capital, Lotus Pool, Rarestone, Krypital, MGNR, CryptoDorm Fund and Sandeep Nailwal of Polygon, among others. 

Dfyn Network launched its first node on Polygon Network and is seeing increasing traction before its upcoming initial DEX offering on Polkastarter. Uniquely, Dfyn enables instant, gasless transactions through the integration of meta transactions on Polygon and will continue to do so on the other chains, into which it will expand over the coming weeks and months.

Dfyn and Router are building a critical cross-chain infrastructure. The Crosschain Liquidity Protocol framework that Router and Dfyn are building enables seamless cross-chain liquidity. Essentially, Router is the cross-chain protocol, and Dfyn is the multichain AMM with nodes on various blockchains that onboard and offboard liquidity.

Once there is a way to port liquidity across chains and a way to onboard and offboard liquidity within chains, the possibilities are truly endless. Everything that is currently on Ethereum, Matic or Binance Smart Chain will now get repurposed to work seamlessly across chains. Decentralized finance will also become truly chain agnostic, with cross-chain plumbing like Router bridging these chains, and apps like Dfyn and its successor versions over the years building various interfaces for trading, lending and swapping.

Dfyn IDO token sale details

The DYFN token will be a deflationary community governance token with a supply capped at 250 million tokens. The initial DEX offering is planned to launch on May 10, 2021, on Polkastarter. There are a total of 3,250,000 DFYN tokens allocated for the public sale.

  • IDO Date: Monday, May 10, 2021
  • Public sale token allocation: 3,250,000 DFYN
  • Public sale token price: $0.094
  • Max cap per person: $300
  • Total raise: $305,000
  • Initial market capitalization: $916,147

About Dfyn Network

Dfyn is a layer-two AMM decentralized exchange currently functional on the Polygon Network and will soon be functional on other blockchains including BSC, HECO, Algorand, Solana and Avalanche. Dfyn acts as liquidity entry/exit points and as liquidity reservoirs for the liquidity super mesh being built by Router Protocol and is developing key infrastructure to enable a range of cross-chain DeFi use cases in trading, lending, capital formation and cross-chain governance.

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