Zug, November 09, 2021dHealth, an open network of supernodes built for decentralized and permissioned medical and pharmaceutical data storage, is pleased to announce the completion of a successful raise of over $354,000 in Ether (ETH) via the OccamRazer launchpad.

Reaching its soft cap target in just over 30 minutes, dHealth’s initial DEX offering (IDO) attracted some 1,545 OccamRazer registrants and made 5,600,000 of the native token DHP available for purchase. In total, 40% of the pool, or 1,600,000 tokens, were distributed as “CED rewards,” a novel ecosystem reward mechanism introduced by Occam to reward stakers with its native token OCC.

Following its IDO, the project, supported by both Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche and leading Swiss universities, launched secondary market trading of DHP via UniSwap v2, which can be found here. DHP is an ERC-20 token issued on Ethereum with 100% token unlock at IDO. During the IDO, a contribution of 1 ETH yielded around 75,815 DHP tokens.

dHealth’s framework for healthcare with its own purpose-built public blockchain will also leverage the Cardano network and other blockchains to add to its stakeholders’ network of supernodes, which operate as access points and network verifiers. Other upcoming milestones and integration of the DHP token into the dHealth ecosystem can be found detailed in a recent interview with president and founder of dHealth Eberhard Scheuer on OccamRazer TV.

Eberhard Scheuer, president and founder of dHealth Foundation, said:

“We’re delighted to have held a hugely successful IDO on OccamRazer. The IDO process has been seamless from start to finish with the support of the Occam.fi team, and we’re now looking forward to rolling out our upcoming milestones and growing our community.”

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About dHealth: The dHealth Network ecosystem was launched by dHealth Foundation, a Swiss not-for-profit foundation based in Zug. dHealth Network is a distributed and community-owned network for healthcare-related transactions that powers a global data-driven healthcare ecosystem. It is adapted to patients’ and industry needs and targets healthcare-related transactions at scale. Learn more at dHealth’s website.

About Occam.fi: The Occam.fi ecosystem is managed and maintained by the Occam Association, a Switzerland-based entity operating from the crypto-friendly Canton of Zug. When the Occam.fi ecosystem grows sufficiently, Occam.fi will be governed and steered by a carefully designed decentralized autonomous organization. Occam.fi is the first decentralized launchpad designed for the Cardano ecosystem, built with expertise and care from a veteran team of blockchain entrepreneurs and professionals. Learn more at Occam.fi’s website.