What happens when you bring together digital mining and nonfungible tokens created by Cointelegraph? You get the launch of the Nitro Network Marketplace and big moves toward a decentralized internet! The just-activated Marketplace went live today and is home to Nitro Network’s Non-Fungible Miners, or NFMs.

Nitro’s innovative NFMs are represented by and purchased in the form of a “Nitro Bot” NFT, which allows users to digitally mine generous rewards from anywhere in the world — without the need for a physical mining device. With the click of a button, NFMs eliminate a range of crypto mining issues, including expensive hardware, complicated setup and unforgiving electricity bills.

Let’s take a deeper dive into Nitro Network NFMs.

The benefit of NFMs

From hardware-free mining to saving on living space, NFMs make the mining life easy. And here’s the best part: You won’t have to wait an eternity to receive your miner, deal with backorders, or track shipping issues, as it’s all digital. But if you aren’t getting a physical device shipped to your home, how do you get your miner? The answer is simple: Nitro Network will “airdrop” your unique NFM to your personal Nitro Network account, then you stake the NFM through Nitro Network’s native staking portal — it’s as easy as that!

From that point, your NFM will automatically begin to mine NCash, Nitro Network’s native cryptocurrency. Not only do NFMs allow anyone in the world to mine crypto, but there is no limit to how many NFMs a user can own. For example, a user can own 10 unique NFMs, earn daily rewards from each and have a new collection of NFTs to boot!

Earning massive rewards with Nitro Network NFMs

Nitro Network’s Nitro Bot NFMs are divided into three tiers, each with its own reward structure and NFT rarity level.

Rewards are granted to NFM holders every 30 minutes, with each 30-minute window called an “Epoch.” Below are the rewards each tier receives every Epoch: 

Tier 1: 95.69* NCASH

Tier 2: 80.00* NCASH

Tier 3: 24.18* NCASH

On top of earning massive rewards every 30 minutes, Nitro Bot NFMs look spectacular (if we do say so ourselves). Take a look at Tiers 1, 2 and 3 below:

Alongside earning rewards from mining, Nitro Bot NFMs also hold their value in parallel as a unique NFT, making it a win-win situation.

For those interested in securing an NFM, make sure to visit the Nitro Network Marketplace today, as the supply is limited! Moreover, follow Nitro Network on its social platforms to stay up to date on the latest announcements, updates and giveaways.

*Rewards per Epoch are subject to change, as Nitro cannot guarantee a specific number of earnings. These numbers are an average that is reflected in our Tier system with a network size of 20,000 miners.