World-famous British DJ Tom Zanetti has been appointed as ambassador of MetaReserve, the first reserve currency protocol to build a metaverse of innovation. 

Zanetti, who is also a successful music producer, rapper and singer, has a huge global audience and is eager to enter the nonfungible token (NFT) scene.

The famous DJ has partnered with MetaReserve, as he has seen the next-level potential in the NFT space and trusts that it could be a powerful tool to open up to vast opportunities in the future. Both parties are positive about the tremendous growth and abundance of benefits they can provide to their communities, fans, users and investors.

Zanetti’s “Exclusive Party Impeccable Club” (TZ-Epic) will be launched on MetaMarket, MetaReserve’s exclusive NFT marketplace.

“TZ-Epic” is a group of 10,000 friends partying in the metaverse with DJ Zanetti. Since he owns the best clubs, music and friends in the metaverse — and only his clique — have access to all the events and enjoy the perks in his space.

The “TZ-Epic” collection offers 12 special NFT characters. Intertwining culture and lifestyle with music in the metaverse, each NFT has a unique set of attributes with fashion statements and exclusive opportunities for holders.

NFT holders receive both virtual and real-life privileges such as VIP memberships, exclusive airdrop access and whitelist opportunities for the hottest upcoming metaverse crypto projects. To learn about the many exciting features offered by this NFT collection, visit the official site.

In the meantime, the team at MetaReserve is building Zanetti’s private club in the metaverse, together with an upcoming Mafia Nightclub game, so make sure to stay tuned and don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to be part of this exclusive club. Visit the site to check out the roadmap and learn more about all the great perks that come with the “TZ-Epic” NFT collection.

Join the Discord: Zanetti’s NFT channel.