After successfully completing a private and early sale, Croatian startup opens community sale which will last until December 5th

Blockademia, the first proof-of-truth Cardano-based solution for issuing and checking the authenticity of issued documents, launched a community sale of its ACI token on Nov. 29. Until Dec. 5, a total of 37.5 million ACI tokens at the price of 0.30 euros will be available to investors, with a minimum investment of 100 euros, and the maximum investment is 5.000 euros.

We've all heard of document manipulation cases, which is why Blockademia's founders decided to develop a solution that stops it once and for all. The Croatian startup's motto is "Let's shape the world with truth!" and they aim to do so by putting an end to falsified documents. Thanks to blockchain technology, Blockademia, which also has a referral program, will be able to guarantee the authenticity of every document issued through its system, making forged diplomas, certificates and contracts a thing of the past.

Who is this solution for?

Blockademia will enable the verification of documents issued by educational institutions such as universities, high schools, primary schools, and adult education institutions. Blockademia will also benefit other issuers of documents who believe protection against counterfeiting is essential. These include insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and public institutions, Blockademia will provide issuing and verification tools for any digital document or file type while enabling usage through their web and mobile apps or integrated into a customer's customized solution.

Blockademia is for all institutions and companies that need to check whether a document is authentic or counterfeit. The only thing that matters is authenticating the document through the Blockademia app. The app will continue to verify it quickly and reliably, and thus, guarantee its authenticity. Be sure to visit their Telegram group to keep the conversation going. If you have any questions, feel free to ask their admins!

What to expect and when?

Thanks to funds received through a token sale, Blockademia will further strengthen the team to have a franchise network and worldwide customers in 18 months. Blockademia will finish the token sale by the end of 2021, focusing on exploring markets and presenting the solution worldwide. The goal is to finalize the Blockademia app in the first two quarters of next year and test it on its first users. In Q3 2022, the plan is to complete the web and mobile apps for verification. In Q4 of 2022, they plan to be on the mainnet.

Interested in how Blockademia works?

Successful start of token sale confirms investors' huge interest

Marin Kramarić, Blockademia's CEO, said:

"The successful completion of the private sale is a sign that investors have recognized the quality of Blockademia and what our DApp will offer. We will use the funds raised to strengthen our team and launch the Blockademia DApp on the mainnet by the end of next year. We are immensely pleased with the exceptional interest of partners and franchisors. We already have over ten collaborations and are in the process of concluding new and exciting ones."

The good news for the Croatian crypto startup is that the United States is no longer on the list of countries unable to participate in public sales. Blockademia's ACI tokens are now available to investors from the U.S.