Dogamí is excited to take the next step toward building its Petaverse by announcing its minting phase. Tezos blockchain users can access the private and public sales with Generation-Alpha nonfungible tokens (NFT) to start unboxing on March 1, 2022. 

Dogamí wants to establish the Petaverse: a metaverse initiative where users and their pet companions can live, level up and explore new things together. Having a virtual companion in the Petaverse fosters a different experience and allows a different take on play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics. 

The Dogamí project spans more than 300 breeds of dogs with unique traits and characteristics. The Dogamí NFTs come in four rarity tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. NFT holders can interact with their Dogamí through augmented reality (AR) and the Dogamí application on their mobile devices. A recent trailer showcases what users can expect from the Petaverse.

Taking the Dogamí NFT into the Petaverse allows broad exploration of a virtual environment. Holders can train, customize, build traits and compete in challenges. Those challenges are an essential part of the P2E mechanic, as ranking well earns users more of the project’s token, DOGA. 

A beta version of the P2E game will launch in the second quarter of 2022 and Dogamí will offer decentralized finance features such as farming and staking to enhance its appeal. 

To gain access to the Dogamí Petaverse, one needs to mint one of the 8,000 NFTs in this collection. The prize per NFT is set at 50 Tezos (XTZ) and can only be done through dedicated Tezos wallets rather than wallet addresses belonging to centralized exchanges. 

Access to the private sale is granted to all gamers. They will have a minting limit of two Dogamí NFTs per wallet, with the minting link being disclosed via Discord. Additionally, eligible users for the public sale can mint one NFT per wallet, with the minting link also revealed on Discord.

The Dogamí project has received strong attention from NFT enthusiasts worldwide. Its community has grown to more than 80,000 members globally, with 28% of members creating a Discord account for the sole purpose of accessing Dogamí. Furthermore, Dogamí notes more than 13 international communities and a constant Discord activity level of 10-20% of its total member count. 

Recently, the project’s free NFT giveaway — Doga Bones, which gained the number-one collection spot on Objkt — drew more than 27,000 entries, confirming strong community support for this initiative. It was the first free-NFT-airdrop project to hit that spot. As of this writing, Doga Bones has a floor price of 15.99 XTZ and more than 47,100 XTZ in total volume. Doga Bones will be used in the DOGAMÍ Petaverse, making them of great interest to those supporting the project for the long run. 

Dogamí secured $6 million in funding in late 2021. Investors included Ubisoft, Animoca Brands and the co-founders of The Sandbox.

About Dogami

Dogamí is the first mass-market NFT P2E AR mobile game where players adopt and raise their 3D dog and earn DOGA in the Petaverse. It was co-founded in mid-2021 by CEO Max Stöckl, chief technology officer Bilal El Alamy chief operating officer Adrien Magdelaine and chief business officer Kristofer Dayne Penseyres, who was previously a Sony Pictures branding and partnership expert. The project is supported by a European team of more than 30, including art director Gregory Magadoux, who previously worked at Ubisoft.

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