Doge Adventure’s mission is to create a play-to-earn (P2E) game built on the X Protocol and connect numerous parallel universes. That’s where humans and Doge live in harmony in the metaverse.

As blockchain technology continues to grow in popularity, the use of NFTs is also on the rise in multiple niches such as games, digital arts, asset trading and management, and more. Some of the nonfungible token (NFT) collections have multiplied in value during a short period of time, making them a lucrative asset class for blockchain gamers and enthusiasts. 

Doge Adventure is an original, independent blockchain game incubated by X Protocol and supported by the community. The game combines elements of the Doge meme with the NFT-random fusion concept. Users earn revenue by casting fusions, researching strategies, exploring, fighting and collecting valuable NFTs. 

Among the numerous parallel universes, there’s one belonging to a world where humans and Doge live in harmony. In this world, everyone owns their own Doge and explores the unknown, battling against opponents for upgrades. Through the efforts of scientists, the portal to the Doge metaverse is now open. Players can now own a Doge partner at a low cost. Doge partners have various features and rarity levels and can interact with other Doges or conduct expedition mining to earn income and increase in rarity. 

Doge Adventure, a metaverse game combining NFT gameplay and GameFi earning, has announced its strategic partnership with DaoStarter, a multichain public token launchpad. The objectives of this partnership include collaborative marketing and a potential initial decentralized exchange offering. 

As the bridge between early-stage projects and the crypto community, DaoStarter has successfully launched many NFT and GameFi projects. This partnership will certainly facilitate Doge Adventure’s upcoming initial NFT offer and game launch, bringing more community exposure to Doge Adventure. 

The game will be upgraded in eight to 12 months to become compatible with third-party NFT access and provide 3D visualization on the game platform.

Token analysis of Doge Adventure

Economic model

There are three tokens and game props that compose the economic ecology of the Doge Metaverse. They include the following:

Dog Tag (DT) 

This is the game’s main value carrier, obtained by expedition mining. Doge owners can gain DT when their Doge partners are lost or disappear during fusion. 

The total initial supply is 12,500,000 DT. 

Doge NFTs

These are the Pokemon of the game and an inseparable designer toy set and cyber art collection. They’re obtained through minting or game stores. 

The maximum amount is 50,000 Doge NFTs. 

Thirty thousand NFTs are rarities of one, two or three stars. The other 20,000 are one-star rarities. Doge NFTs can be upgraded by gaining experience points or by fusing NFTs.

The public minting price is 150 Tether (USDT), or NFTs can be summoned with 250 DT or through auctions.

Silicone Pieces (SPS)

This token is accepted when game props are sold in the game store or marketplace. It’s the medium of transaction in the Doge Metaverse.

Twenty percent will be used for fundraising, with 80% locked. 

It can only be obtained in player-versus-environment mode.

The team’s background

The Doge decentralized autonomous organization development team designs P2E gameplay, 3D models and NFT behavior. The founders of Doge Adventure have extensive experience in developing blockchain projects, with a strong background in NFTs, P2E blockchain games and Web3 technology. 

Road map and milestones 

  • All game features launched by May 15
  • Doge DAO-voting platform launched by June 15 for users to contribute NFT designs
  • Full community governance and additional gameplay and compatibility by Aug. 15
  • Two of the top-10 most popular NFTs wll be available by Dec. 15. 

Partners and backers 

Doge Adventure is backed by strong partners; most are venture capitalists and popular investment companies: Infinity Labs, Spark Digital Capital, Kernel Ventures, Oracles Investment Group, YBB Foundation LTD. , LC Capital, Dealean Capital, Lancer.