In a bid to bring an all-in-one digital asset platform leveraging loyalty points, gift cards in-game assets and cryptocurrencies, DragonBite has received a vote of confidence reflected by the overwhelming response in its private round investments. With the influx of interest in the cryptocurrency space in general and the platforms that will serve as its infrastructural layers, DragonBite received a massive amount of potential investor interest, eventually closing with $2.7 million in total private sale fundraising. The development of the DragonBite application and subsequent introductions have already begun, but following the completion of this funding, DragonBite can now expand into the next phase of its objectives.

DragonBite received an extreme amount of interest from innumerable investors. The demand was way above expected; therefore, only a portion of the requests was satisfied, especially from teams that can also serve as strategic partners in the foundation of their platform. DragonBite received investments from some of the most prominent blockchain-based investment firms in the market, including Molecular Hub, Mantra DAO, Duck DAO, SMO Capital, Rio Fund, Brilliance VC and many more.

The next steps

Following the finalization of this round and the security of internal capital, DragonBite can now expand its team and capabilities while it prepares to bring its products to the market. The advantages and connections it will gain from working with these investment teams will not go unnoticed, as they will inevitably open new doors for the DragonBite team that will allow them to grow throughout the blockchain industry. DragonBite will also be able to spend more time, money and labor on research and development to better improve its product and ecosystem, strengthening its position in the market long term.

Although the DragonBite development team now has much more free reign over what it can build and provide through the funding it has received, this is only the beginning. Now, it has to actively develop the community, prepare its application for launch, and prepare for the upcoming token generation event — all major tasks that cannot be overlook. Nevertheless, DragonBite has firmly positioned itself for success and will be able to support itself for a long time moving forward as it continues to build out its decentralized and user-centric digital economy.

What is DragonBite?

DragonBite is an application that serves as an all-inclusive cryptocurrency hub for users, offering a multi-currency digital wallet, portfolio tracking, loyalty redemption points, cryptocurrency trading and a platform where users can buy crypto with fiat currency and reward points. The DragonBite development team was tired of the segmentation experienced within cryptocurrency applications, deciding it had enough. It created a platform that acts as a hub for all cryptocurrency-based activity, bringing all aspects of the cryptocurrency economy to one place. Now, with just a mobile phone or desktop application, any cryptocurrency user will be able to view or conduct any type of cryptocurrency transaction.