Drip-Lab is a multidisciplinary, creative lab breathing new life into the graffiti art scene, both on the street and on the blockchain, by leveraging Web3 technology to create a graffiti-based nonfungible token (NFT) called “The Wall.”

Inspired by the erosion of street art, “The Wall” is a collaborative effort by four of Europe’s most notorious graffiti artists: Zoow24, Trane, Schiche and Shek, who were asked to bring their creative style to the walls of the Olmetex factory in Italy to create two incredible murals, each with its own story. 

“The Wall” is a representation of the challenges that street artists face when trying to monetize their craft and the ever-changing state of the art world. It is an embodiment of the cultural significance expressed through artists’ individualistic natures.

The project — apart from immortalizing graffiti art as fractionalized NFTs and allowing for physical redeemables — also enables profile picture (PFP) utility, thanks to two of Zoow’s, The Pizza Monster and The Cigarette Pack, as well as one Drip-Lab character, The Spray Can.

All three monsters have their place on “The Wall” and will be premiered in an animated short whose plot revolves around the Cigarettes Pack’s urge to steal IP from Drip-Lab to fork his own project. Frustrated by his lack of creativity, the chain-smoking Cigarette Pack’s stress drives him to flip out and break into the heavily secured Olmetex factory compound to try and steal the creative juices behind “The Wall.”

This story will be mainly told through the animated short, teased and premiered by Drip-Lab. Its actors, just like “The Wall,” will be immortalized on-chain in order to provide a PFP utility element to its NFT holders and more depth and authenticity to the art behind “The Wall.”

Head over to drip-lab.com to learn more about the importance of digitalization and tokenization of graffiti art, or watch this video.