Panama City, Florida, Feb. 3, 2022 Dropp, a nonfungible token (NFT) project, is developing geo-location technology that will bring the metaverse to the real world. The platform adds a new dimension to the virtual world, allowing users to interact with simulated 3D objects and environments in the real world.

Dropp offers users an interactive platform where they can enjoy geo-based minting, land and augmented reality (AR), developed with usable NFTs. 

Participants in the emerging social metaverse can buy pieces of real estate dubbed Dropp Land, which are virtual plots that mimic the real world. Each piece of virtual real estate overlays the real-world location and grants the owner utility in the metaverse.

Dropp is the first-ever social metaverse and NFT platform to change the intangibility of the virtual universe by mapping the real world to the metaverse. The project’s backers aim to reverse-engineer the current metaverse landscape and integrate the social value of real-world interaction into the emerging virtual world.

What utility does Dropp Land offer?

Each Dropp Land will primarily function as an interactive portal for an owner’s NFTs, events, logos, advertisements, brands and more. The project developers plan to integrate additional features later, including GameFi and user-generated content to enhance the metaverse experience.

Users can pick a region and purchase virtual plots as NFT tokens via LootBox, the platform’s web application that grants access to different tiers of land parcels. Dropp Lands give holders early access to NFT mints in that particular region and allow users to earn part of all future NFT drops in the neighborhood they own. 

Individuals or brands that wish to drop NFT collectibles on a specific parcel of land will have to pay the landowner a fee to use the virtual space. Landowners get the opportunity to generate a yield from their plots by staking native tokens to unlock rewards of the platform’s native token, DROPP, and earn passive income. The number of tokens a user can stake and how much they can bag in staking rewards depends on the size of their land.

The DROPP team is preparing to launch its first Land purchasing event. Join the whitelist and private land sale via this link to obtain virtual plots mimicking the real world that offer holders unprecedented utility and earning opportunities.

About the Dropp Land Metaverse

Dropp Land offers an immersive platform where anyone can buy virtual land, build, earn and interact with premier artists and celebrities exclusively. The project reinvents minting by facilitating users to drop NFTs based on their real-life or metaverse locations. 

Dropp leverages geo-minting technology to bring the AR experience to the metaverse so users can interact with their NFTs or virtual land overlaying the real-world location.

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