To celebrate International Women’s Day, Dublin Tech Summit are offering discounted tickets for women in tech in the hopes of once again creating the most gender balanced tech event.

All too often, tech conferences tend to be male-dominated events with an average of 2% - 4% female attendees. The general consensus with women in this industry is “You go where you’re invited but you stay where you feel welcome”, and DTS want all tech-lovers to feel welcome at their events.

But it’s not just the attendees that should be balanced, the female speakers on the line-up this year are nothing short of incredible.

To name just a few, we are really looking forward to:

  • Martha Lane Fox – Founder & Executive Chair of
  • Cassie Kozyrkov – Google’s Chief Decision Officer
  • Amanda Gutterman – ConsenSys CMO
  • Alyssa Carson – Astronaut in training & future Mars-walker
  • Elena Gomez – Zendesk CFO

You can pick up a women in tech ticket for just €60 for a limited time only. Get your tickets here.